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I'd use card panelling myself - if not on the inside, then taped onto the outside and braced up to prevent bulging in other places.

Just a suggestion.


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okey then i cutted the visor and try to fit him.. now I must putty the helmet to fit it realy exactly..

with safety foil


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wow... excelent work !!!! i want my armor look like your's when i end... but i'm n00b on this :(

Awsome Helmet and OMFG SPARTAN LASER !!!!!! it's the hardest weapon to do i thing... greate job !!!!!

Sean Bradley

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Excellnt work alltogether. I'm very impressed with how clean your papercraft builds are looking after resin and bonde.

If you don't mind me asking, where did you get the Splaser PDO? I've seen a few really good models, but I haven't seen any of the newer files that people have made.

Keep up the good work!