Master Chef's 405th Cookbook


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I apologize for my delay on updating the thread, but I have added several recipes.

I've also been wanting to incorporate the pun of MC as Master Chef so I asked if we could get a custom drawing of our newest mascot Spartoony Chief as a chef!

Recon Assassin has done a wonderful job with our new banner. Thank you! PS: he was totally down for designing an entire actual Cookbook so keep making those build threads!

Sean Anwalt

405th Regiment Officer
In 2012 I tried to get a buddy of mine to join the 405th. We made a master chief helmet that was WAY too big. So for Halloween he went as an unfortunate typo, the master chef. Had an apron and ladle with him. It was hilarious.
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I was actually going to start a cosplay and cooking channel once my suit was done! Talk about timing and shared interests! Anyone who wants to be involved, shoot me a PM. I knew I joined the right community! Y’all are amazing.