Member Name Changelog


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FANGS I'm new-ish to the 405th. I have been a member for a while but have been away for some time. I was wondering if I could get my account name to match other accounts I have across the internet to match the 405th so I could link the site when doing prop videos. If at all possible could I get my name changed to CountManchester. Thanks in advance. If you can or cannot I appreciate it either way.


Jr Member
Hey FANGS I think I would like to change my name to match my steam name. Can you switch me over to TheFalseShephard ? I'm working on making the same change to my Microsoft account and all my other gaming/recreational stuff.


Hi FANGS can you change my name please?
I thought about FloodHunter, it would match my gamertag and it's not as generic as Spartan...