MJOLNIR Armor 1st Time

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Seno Ypsamee

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OK guys, I'm going to start on a cardboard set of armor using the pepakura patterns to guide me, and I was just wondering what kind of stuff do I need to use besides cardboard and paint to ensure that it will stay together, and about how much roughly will it end up costing me?

I also wanted to know if any of you guys and any pointers for a first time MJOLNIR armor maker.

Thanks in advance for the help :).
umm 3 cans of resun, about 40 dollars there, 2-4 sheets of 3x3 fiberglass, 24 dollars there, paintbrushes, 5 dollars there, glue gun, 2 dollars, hot glue, 2 dollars, paint 5 dollars per can.

Say 50-100 dollars MINIMUM for a ok suit...200+ for a "Zomg thats pepakura? thats better than pepakura"
Evil Femle said:
You basically already started this thread. Why is it necessary to start two threads about the same thing?

A Question About Time and Money....

I actually started this thread like right after I joined and I must have forgotten. Basically in this thread (I guess) I just wanted to know what I needed and the prices of it...

I'm sorry, my fault, forgot, darn me and my n00by ways...
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