Model of Halo?

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Has anyone thought of createing a model of a Halo world? :please:
You could put a layer of magnets around the inside and outside edges then do the same for a stand so it would be floating in the middle. You could even give it a little spin to have it rotate. :drool:
good point. I will have to draw up my idea and post it for further inspection. Still I think it would be cool if someone did create a model of it though.
i would be fine with one just hanging from my celing, it would be awesome and hand some tiny covenant ships around it and stuff wooooo
Ya. I've been thinking and a wall mounted design would work better for this, instead of a desktop version. I have some drawings of my design, but I am unsure of how to post them on the site. How would I acomplish this? is how i post all my pictures online, it is a free online photo ablum. all you have to do is upload you image as long as it is in the right format like .jpg and then copy the img info and paste it in a post.

As for getting you scketches onto the computer you can take pictures of them, take them to walmart and scan them there onto a cd or scan them your self if you have a scanner.

hope this all helps :eyepatch: :dee: ;-)
A model with the magnets sound pretty sweet but like link said it would flip the model. How bout it being like one of those gyospheres?
Thanks for the input. I will try to get some sketches and photos posted by Friday. Either way, I will probably start collectiong materials so I can start work over Spring Break. :mrgreen:

P.S. Thanks for the tips about photos Eternal. :yay:
Hmm. I think just making a halo thats to scale and is well painted would be just fine. Maybe you could have blue LEDS to light up like the towers on the halo. That would be cool.
Ring idea

All u need is a few hula hoops and some cardboard/paper mache. Probably should mount on fishing line
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