Modern Warfare 2 Ghost Setup


yeah, i got my ghost mask from ballys yesterday. It's not how it looks online, but it's still very nice. A tight fit over your head, and the mask print goes a little under your chin.


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Hey everybody, I can't take it anymore! That one shaggy looking sweatshirt IS the exact replica of what Ghost wears, but I found the British company that actually supplies military grade gear (which the TF141 clearly buys from). Here is the link to the Helikon Patriot fleece that Ghost wears (they have multiple colors) and it is key to note that they sell a single layer and a "heavy" double layer fleece and costs just a bit more. If you search more through the website you can find the exact multicam pants he wears as well as the exact olive gloves Roach wears. I have searched and searched but I don't think they sell the white operator gloves Ghost and other TF141 operators wear.

Hope this helps guys


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Question. In the earlier post, the jacket was ordered by height if I'm not mistaken. Is this the same way with the link Baby posted? Wouldn't want to buy a jacket medium sized and have it come up to my ribs :p

As for the mask, I'd just buy a ribbed balaclava and paint the skull on myself. Thanks, you guys, for posting all the information!


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Hello all. Also new to here. Working on building a Ghost setup myself.

Question. The vest that Ghost wears in his Desert/South American uniform, seems to be the same one that Soap wears in the same level. What kind of vest is that? Is it a CIRAS or something else? It's hard to tell, what with all the stuff they're wearing. Any ideas?

[EDIT] Added links for reference




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hello, i am currently working on a ghost loadout for halloween and for occasional airsoft :pi haven't got much money scrounged up yet to get everything on my list but this is pretty much everything -the mask for the chest rig and of course im gonna move some stuff around for the pistol mags and im also gonna get a set of suspenders for this this is the holster

and pretty much everything else thats multi cam from the leg pouches and everything, headset and knee pad can be found at and thanks for readin :) p.s that was a mouth full (thats what she said)