Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build


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Looks awesome all together!! Where’s the baboon helmet?
The Baboon helmet is on the floor somewhere. I need to make a frame to attach a wig (which I still need to get) and the helmet to make it all one piece.
I'm really tempted to remake it though. There are a lot of inaccuracies in it that is bugging me.
Problem is I don't have much foam left. I still need to make the carving knife, scout fly lantern and the Devine Slasher.
If there is enough foam laft at the end then I will consider redoing it.

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I only mentioned the baboon pun because you had said it at one point! I have no idea what all this monster world stuff is. So I’m not one to judge. Either way it’s a fine piece of foam work. All of it is. Lots of intricacies!


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I'm not usually a fan of short jokes, but that one was pretty funny.

Love you Paigan! :notworthy:

(PS: are there only two emotes showing up for everyone else? :cautious::notworthy:)
Yep.....for some reason all seem to be MIA?


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Started on the claw glove. Just need the claw tips. I love how this turned out for a simple part of the suit. I'm actually a little hesitant to make the claws. I really like how this looks. I'm worry if I flub the claws it will ruin the glove. :(:(:(

On a side note: looks like the emotes and stuff is working again. The whole bar is visible.
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Do you just think really hard and then magically beautiful foam things appear??? Cause that's what it looks like.
In dreams... that's what I hope would happen. In reality I stared at the tips for a day, cut some foam triangles and fiddled around it for another day and then just slapped them on and prayed to the Cosplay Gods that it would turn out as passable and then cover it up with tonnes of paint and other fixes I could think of.