Monster Hunter World: Odogaron armour build


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I still to apply a few more coats of red and white. The black of the foam is still peeks through. All in all, things are look good.
Two things I did learn though.
1. Painting by hand is time consuming ( even though that's how I have painted all my builds. I'm just complaining at this point) I really need to invest in a airbrush.
2. If a prop is a collection of parts like the spikes on the arm guard... Paint them first before assembling it into one unit. Those bloody things are so annoying to paint now.


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Alrighty... Some more progress.

Made the rope belt... Twice. Virst one I measured 8 foot lengths. After braiding the rope shra k down to about 6 and a half ft. So I re did it with 11 foot lengths. Now it was long enough but game vs. reality strikes. When tied the rope is too thick and the knot is huge and ugly.
I also painted the belt and pauldron /spalders.

I think is turning out pretty good. What do you think?


Sean Anwalt

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I think what you could do for the belt to avoid such a huge knot:
☆Take your braided rope, wrap it around.
☆Braid more rope, and fashion it to look like a knot, but obviously smaller.
☆One one side of the rope, attach the braided knot and a hook. On the other, a small loop for the hook to fit in.

When the hook is through the loops the belt will be fastened together AND look as though it was tied together, but it won't be as big a knot.


P.S. That there is some slick looking armor, man! That looks legit!

SI3RRA 117

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Looks great man it’s really coming together! You could just do the second half of your knot and synch it against your body and not the knot itself. For a more technical explanation: just do the loop de loops part. If that makes any sense? It’ll cut the knot size down a bi and suck the knot in tighter.