MrJamin's 3D Printed MK VI Master Chief


Coming back with another update.

Progress has been slow lately, but I am making some progress.

I *think* I have the chest ready for one final coat of filler primer before I switch to black and then color! You can't see it here but I (foolishly) had used hot glue to reinforce the seams in some of my early armor pieces. This turned out not to be rigid enough and I was getting cracking. I removed all of the hot glue and have used much harder and durable things to strengthen the bonds now.

I've also been fighting with how to determine if something is good enough. I am a bit of a perfectionist at times so I keep finding new things I want to fix.


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It looks awesome!!!! Just remember that we are our own worst critique!!! We see all the defects that everyone else overlooks or don't see. If you keep at it, it will turn out just the way you want.

There is a story, President Nixon had a shy jr writer on his staff that was tasked to write a report. The jr writer submitted the report to Nixon himself.....and w/o even looking at it asked "Is this the best you can do?"..The jr writer took back the report and redid it. 2 days later, turned it in. Nixon asked again "Are you sure this is the best you can do?".....The jr writer took it back again. This time he worked on it for 4 days over a long weekend. After being asked a 3rd time "Is this the best you can do?" by the President, the jr writer answered him bluntly "I couldn't do any better". Nixon then told him, "The first draft would have been just fine. I know the quality of your you have to recognize it."


Good News! (followed by bad)

I finished wet sanding my chest (thoroughly at 400 and quick passes with 1000 + 2000) and was finally ready to get some color on it.

This is where the bad news comes in... I wasn't thinking and sprayed it black in direct sun on a day where it is almost 90 degrees outside.

IMG_20200702_124824.JPG IMG_20200702_124834.JPG

When I went to check on it the plastic was very very soft (I could have easily deformed it) I quickly brought it inside to cool and noticed a few cracks had developed at the seams. I am confident that this will be recoverable, but another in the fun things I am learning as I go through this project.


Update on my screw up from last Thursday:

It felt really wrong but I sanded down the areas where cracks had appeared and (not pictured) re-applied filler putty to get back to a nice smooth surface. Once the putty hardens I'll start working on sanding it back down to a point where I am happy with it.


I also took this as an opportunity to add even more strength to the back. (Acrylic Plastic Cement + Shoe Goo)
he4thbar :p



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Just finished reading your posts, and it looks great. Your attention to detail is awesome. Good luck with the rest of the build. Your posts are inspiring me to get into building my own suit to go with my helmet I made years ago. Thank you.


Thanks BinniG - It is great to hear some positive feedback. After my recent screw up it took a bit to get some motivation to get back into it.


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i find that the more i screw up the harder it will drive me. but yes your detail work is great dont give up, you are doing an awesome job on the suit.
i put two hand plate out side to dry not thinking about how easy pla will get soft and when i picked them up they rolled right around my hand total loss, lesson learned lol.....


Picture dump!

It had been a while since I put all the pieces of my suit together to see how much progress I have made:

I have to keep reminding myself that even though I am going slow it is starting to come together.

Additionally, I got a first coat of printer on the weapon

(really excited to see this come together)

For a final picture I decided to show how much filler primer I've gone though

There is one empty can that is not pictured here. I only have one can left so I guess I better pick up some more!


I figured I should post another update!

I keep plugging away on priming, filling, sanding, etc. the armor.

Today I decided I needed a break and decided to circle back to my helmet electronics.

It might not look like too much here, but to me it is super exciting!

If you look back to this post: MrJamin's 3D Printed MK VI Master Chief

It is almost all of my helmet electronics actually functioning and running off of a USB battery bank. I still need to add in a button and the code for the GEMMA M0 to be able to change the colors on the RGB LEDs.

Edit: As someone that is not familiar working with electronics at all like this I am super stoked at the progress I am making. Thanks to TurboCharizard and RandomRanger for the guidance and help to get me this far!