My first Armor build


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Modified Spartan armor. I'm using my Master Chief jumpsuit as a pattern. The Jumpsuit is from Halo 3 days but for $80 at the time and lasting this long,I got money out of it. Anyways, this is what I have so far. I will make it look more 3D but not too much. I want it to be different from everyone else's so I'm mixing 2d and 3d. Any tips, tricks, or helpful hints would be greatly appreciated.y goal is to have it done by June so I can report for duty and attend the SciFy Valley Con in Altoona as an official 405th member. Always next year if I don't finish it. Not going to settle for something I'm not happy with. It will be good in my eyes before I display it in a public setting. Worst case scenario I can always wear my jumpsuit. Not really sure if that's good enough to report for duty but it's good enough for me to wear at a Comic Con.
Currently I'm at a stand still. Waiting to have a friend bring me football shoulder pads. Having the shoulder pads will allow me to mold the fatigue mats and give it a more Spartan armor look. It's not going to be one specific armor. I'm making my first build more like my multi player character that I use for the video games. I am continuing to make the pieces but the shoulder pads will bring it all together. Wish me luck and Happy Easter fellow Spartans.
Update: Got a youth set of shoulder pads. Smaller than wished but I can make it work.
Here's my Halo character on Infinite. I'm going to try to make my costume as close to it as possible. Hoping to be done by Altoona SciFy Comic Con but I'm not going to rush it just to have it done. Be nice to be able to report for duty and be a full fledged member but there's always next year if I can't finish in time. Already have my ticket for the Comic Con paid so either way I'll be there. I do have a Halo jumpsuit that I've worn every Halloween since Halo 4 came out but not sure if that's good enough to report for duty. Anyone know? Thoughts or suggestions to help my costume go along easier? Any help is appreciated. Thank you
Removed lower extra shoulder pads today. Having both gave a football player look. I played football many years but this is to be a Spartan suit not football. All goes well, I'm thinking top half of the chest part of the suit will be done except paint and trimmed by the weekend. Sidenote: using a blow torch was a bad idea,lol. That's all I'm saying.
Welp, I did it. I cut the shoulder pads from left to right to separate the front from the back. Then I added the extra pieces as I said I would do. It worked as hope. Now I just have to put it back together and finish the upper part. Might be done by Comic Con but I am not going to rush. Always next year but I will try. On the bright side, it did straighten the armor up like I wanted to.
The clip I was talking about in previous pic. I used zip ties so I could adjust if I gain weight or lose it. I also used nuts, bolts, and screws for some of the other pieces in case I decided to switch up armor to give a different appearance every now and then.
Grounded down the screws and added one more piece to the shoulders. Just gotta work on the back and then I'll move on to the arms. I don't like taking pictures of myself but here you go. Please excuse my boys boardgames in the back. They love those.
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