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Hello everyone. I've decided to start a thread of my new armor I decided to go with. My friends and I decided to go with Halo Warrior (the Tank of the group). I will be updating the post with more of my armor getting closer and closer to being done.

I couldn't have done this without my friend Bert. He printed off the armor for me and he's doing a phenomenal job at it. Sure we run into so hiccups but after some hardwork and patience he gets the job done.

So far I have the helmet and the armor that we are working one. The armor is fully printed and is primed and ready for painting. My helmet took the longest but is finally printed. Just need to start sand, prime, fiberglass, and paint it. Here's what we have done so far.

So for the helmet and the chest, my friend Bert came up with a great idea. Originally it was gonna have clips and straps inside so it clicks in place and holds together but he decided to test out and see how the magnets will do and see if it will hold. So he 3d printed magnet holders and glued it into my chest and lord and behold it holds up great!!! He will still add clips and straps on the outside of the armor but cover it up with some accessories. Same with helmet. Magnets inserted for the back of my helmet so I can open up.




I just want to thank my two friends Bert and Erne for all of there hard work on the armor. They both did an outstanding job getting the armor ready for me for C2E2.

I beyond excited to go to C2E2 this August with my two friends. But once we are done with that will be in full gear to try to finish the rest of our armor by the time we hit collect-con in KC in September. So what do you guys think?
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Update: it's been a while since my last update. My friend Bert has finished the helmet and the armor for me. It came out amazing!!! Can't thank him enough for his hard work. My friend Erne came up with the gold spikes on the helmet idea. I think it gave it a real nice touch. Heres my friend Erne (blue pants) and I test fitting the armor on.

So I'll have my top half armor ready for C2E2 and the lower half of the armor will be worked on after that. Hopefully we should have everything ready in time for Collect-a-con in KC on Sept. 17th and 18th.




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Its been so long since I've posted my updates on my armor. So here's what I got so far:

My friend Brinton aka Lord Bert have printed of more of my armor. So far I got the glove, belt, thighs, and the forearms. Just got the shins and boots left to print. He's also helped me with where my color scheme should be on my armor and I got to say he did a phenomonal job!!! Really appreciate the hardwork he's done for me. I would say we're about getting to the end of my armor being fully printed and ready for detailing.

I got my gloves, belt, and thighs done. Gonna start working on my forearm later on this week. But man I'm just getting excited just seeing the armor slowly coming together. Can't wait for the final result. I'm also excited to be going to GalaxyCon with my friends Lord Bert and Lord Erne!!


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Update: I have finished both of my forearms. They came out great!! Brinton aka Lord Bert has the last few of my armor printed off for me, which are the shins and the boot attachments. I am nearing towards the end of my suit being fully done. Can't thank Lord Bert for all his hardwork that he's done helping with my armor.


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Update: Got the rest of my armor printed off. My good friend Brinton aka Lord Bert has printed and detailed my shins for me and it did a fantastic job!!! Can't thank him enough for his hardwork. All that's left is my boots and I'll be 100% done!! Will do a final test fit before my friends and I head to Columbus, OH for GalaxyCon next week. I'm so excited!!


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I’m digging the paint scheme as well as your chest decoration. And I haven’t seen a Warrior helmet yet! This build is looking stunning
Thanks!! The color scheme I got was from my titan character from Destiny 2. I grew up playing halo and Destiny. So I just wanted to add some destiny onto my halo armor. But it turned out great.


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It is awesome to see the complete armor set! You've made so much progress since C2E2

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