My Hayabusa Armor Progress


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After a cold, snow filled winter, I have some progress. Handplates and shoulders are hardening with some smoothcast 320, biceps and forearms are constructed Bevbor style out of cardboard cut from pep pieces, and the Hayabusa chest piece is pepped and sitting in place ready to be resined.

Pictures of progress

th_55.jpg th_53.jpg

th_52.jpg th_50.jpg th_46.jpg

th_37.jpg th_38.jpg th_39.jpg

th_34.jpg th_32.jpg


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Bungie day update: lots of pictures. Thanks goes to Ithica for the flex foam-it lower body. Arms and chest perm were all hardened and smoothed using smoothcast 320.

Lower body almost done, boots need to be connected since I have big feet and had to cut them, and need to attach the straps to the thighs to connect to the belt.

th_96.jpg th_88.jpg th_108.jpg th_80.jpg th_105.jpg

Helmet needs to be repainted in a darker blue to match other painted parts, and final details were added. Visor is cut and ready to be glued in, electronics and padding is ready to be installed.

th_106.jpg th_107.jpg

Chest, back, and perm are smoothed and ready for painting and mode of being attached.


Arms need to be painted. The forearms and handplates need black detail painted on, shoulders are smoothed and ready for painted, hayabusa shoulder almost done, and eod shoulder still being detailed.

th_95.jpg th_83.jpg th_85.jpg th_99.jpg th_79.jpg th_97.jpg th_109.jpg

More will be added when taken.

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AWESOME JOB so far! Keep posting your pics. Very inspirational!

Cheers! :)


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Not only is the modeling of your Hayabusa armor quality grade, but the painting is awesome. Seriously, I am considering doing my Mark VI in blue now. Then that black detailing is just spot on. Nice work. Continue at this rate with the rest of your suit and you will definately have an amazing suit of armor in the end.


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I have run into a bit of a problem, while test fitting my armor the back neck piece of my helmet hits on the back plate on the raised piece. Since that is the problem i will have to cut that piece off to allow me to have more motion in my neck. I wasn't sure if anyone else building a hayabusa helmet has run into that problem, if so what were your solutions?


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Armor is 99% done and I will post pictures later, just need some help asap. What is the best way to mount a visor, and what type of glue/method works best? I am very short on time and need to know cause the con I am going to is this weekend.

Edit 7/26:


th_6e250bec.jpg th_0e29ce58.jpg th_31d6370b.jpg th_75d2b18c.jpg

th_167f601a.jpg th_1f2b4c08.jpg th_c818bf9d.jpg th_d6c3c587.jpg

th_9415ee8d.jpg th_7a31f6ed.jpg th_f62de830.jpg

Any updates on the armor that happen will be posted tomorrow or after Otakon.

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for the visor, i suggest glueing a piece of black foam inbetween the helmet and visor itself. id say no more than 1/4 in thick piece. it gives a really clean finish to the helmet.


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Just got back from Otakon 2010, and I have some full costume photos to show.

th_IMG_5159.jpg th_S7002591.jpg th_S7002592.jpg th_S7002593.jpg th_Otakon_2010___Hayabusa_Armor_by_JesterBoneZ1.jpg

th_DSC_0040.jpg th_DSC_0024.jpg th_S7002638.jpg th_2652862.jpg

Master Chief, didn't get your name but your costume was great.