my helmet and ar


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awesome start. Nice job. Let us know when it is finished. That's going to be cool.

How is it made?


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I really wish that helmet that is with the legendary edition of halo3 could be worn then i would have two MASTERCHIEF helmets!


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There's a good reference pic of the new AR in the Electronic Gaming Monthly, Halo edition released this month. I don't have a scanner, or I'd send it to you.. it's slightly different, but you'd be able to add it to what you already have, I think.


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yeah i was trying to get pics of been stopping the trailer here and there and useing the 1st gun as reference...thanx i'll check out the magzine


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halo suit

heres a suit that i made (as a kit) for a friend that he painted, the helmet that he has is my older version