my helmet

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hi, i finished my pep helmet (well the pep bit anyway) and Im hopefully going to fiberglass tomorrow, but i just thought id let you all check it was right because i don't really want to waste resin. so heres the pics, oh and by the way i used the model shown in this tutorial here.
front view

close up of side


inside and neck

as you can probably see i had to cut ALOT of the neck away so it would fit, does this mean ill need to make supports for fiberglassing?
anyway all comments/critics welcome and i know the hot glue is messy im going to clean that before i fiberglass.
also while im here will a cold melt glue gun make life any easier when assembling pep because im wondering weather to buy one.
thanks, pacbury
looks good so far...the neck piece that you cropped away will not affect the final overall look, in my opinion, as i did the very same thing.
next time, though, remember to align the numbers up correctly
like so
20 not 20
-- --
20 20

and for the most part, i dont really know about the cold melt glue gun...stick to the regular low temp glue gun and place small dots, not big chunky lines or else it will leak.
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