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Ive received a few PM's about my plans to make a picture of me in my MJOLNIR armor and my girlfriend as Cortana. This is the picture that I'm basing it from, and a picure of my girlfriend as Cortana next to it. I need to find some way to color her purple-ish blue. I'll post the finished picture when I can.
I wasn't comparing chicks.... I was trying to give you a suggestion for your request:

I need to find some way to color her purple-ish blue
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lol, I know... but I need to color the picture purple through Photo Shop... just need to find it for Mac
you can put the picture through a purple filter in photoshop

i am working on how to make my girlfriend transparent/ sometimes invisible
I am working on how to make my girlfriend transparent/ sometimes invisible

LOL. "Damien, sometimes it's like you look right through me!"
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My problem isn't how to do photoshop, it's getting it. If someone would be able to make the picture I posted cortana-ish, it'd be really cool... if not, I've a photography major friend at my college that I can beg into it.
Ugh...Photoshop >_<...I love her, yet she can be such a cruel mistress....Atleast when you forget how to do certain things...

I might take a stab at it. Do you want just her or the entire photo to be purplish-blue? And I can only email the finished product to you because of my crap connection. This is just an offer of my services though, so no need to worry about disappointment if you decline.
Yeah, if you don't have Photoshop or don't know how to use it, you could ask some people here to take a crack at it for you, just send them the source photos... might be cool to see how different people handle it.
I actually ended up just saving the pic he posted at the top. I really wish my knowledge with actual photo-editing was better, but it turned out kind of ok. Mainly used filters... I'd post the pic but I really can't upload anything with this connection, it'd probably time out.
Ah the color channels. I actually haven't used Photoshop 7.0 in a while, I've mainly been using the Photoshop Elements program that came with my tablet....All this talk is making want to go back and work on it somemore...Sort of...Maybe I will though, for kicks if nothing else.
Okay... here's the picture of my girlfriend. I got the color the way I wanted it, but I need the background gone.

Now here's what I had in mind, only I'll be dressed in my MJOLNIR armor. Yes, I'm wearing my Witch King mask, to protect my identity.
How's this?


You'll need to send me your image in your armor with your hands like the above. Then I'll edit your gf in. I can't do a transparent background for some reason...

Let me know if there's any problems with the above pic...(edited gf)
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