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Does anyone nerf here? You know those foam dart guns? well I mod them and make them shoot really hard, and I have wars with people. There is a sight called where we talk and help eachother mod. Its like this, but with nerf guns, and a lot more strict. check it out!
WanderingRon1n said:
sweetness i mod mine with duct tape and it makes them shoot hard. i knocked a kid off his feet once.

That makes no sense so I doubt you knocked a kid off his feet. Nice try. Even with experience of modding, you cant do that unless it is a dart the size of your body...
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Nerf is fun. I got that mommoth-sized rocket launcer/shotgun/pistol N-Gage a few years ago for christmas. Pumping it 8 times brings the gauge up to 'Full.' I once pumped it 100 times (I counted). I shot it at the wall from a distance. It made a load smash... :roll: I also once accidentilly shot it at a lamp... We have a new lamp now...
thats funny, pumping it 100 times shouldnt make a difference than 8. it has a capacity. Inless of course you open it up and plug the pump, which I know you didnt do because that is hard.
It made a lot of a difference. 8 times and you can see it gently gliding throught the air, somewhat slowly. 100 Times and... you pull the trigger, then you hear a loud smash, and it's kind of crunched up, laying on the ground. I could hear air coming out of it before I shot it when it was overpumped. But pump and fire fast enough, and it seems you can put more air into it than it can let out though the hole.
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