New Project: Brute Spiker


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Figured that I'd start a build log of my first Halo prop. For a while I've been wanting a Brute Spiker. Tonight I'm starting the printing process. It might be a while to get everything printed, but I figured I'd slowly chip away at it.

I'm using 3D Printable Halo Spiker / Spike Rifle by Marco Morata as my model for printing. I'll try and post regular updates.

If you have any questions, let me know.
Is it 1:1 scale aswell?


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Is it 1:1 scale aswell?

Thought I'd give a quick update. Been 3D printing parts and slowly getting there. I've also checked and I don't think that it's fully 1:1 Scale. The gun is 46.97 cm from front to handle and 59.42 cm from handle to blade tip (I assembled it virtually). In game it says that it's 81.7 cm. Sorry, Dash.

I also picked up some fake suede to use as a grip for the handle and looking at paint schemes. I do like the look of the blueish-purpleish color of the gun in Halo 3.

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