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Hey all it's been months since I've been here, I know, but I'm not dead.

Sorry for being inactive so long.

I now have a question. My dad is now willing to help me and he said the method he wants to use is to build over existing items. (Such as a MX helmet or shoulder pads/etc) He said to get the shape of MC, we would be wireframe/fiberglassing on top the existing item.

I would like to know if there were a couple of things I could know in advance, and if this will even work...

Thank you all for any responses in advance.
Go to a discount or used sports shop and look for some hockey gear. I think some of that might work.
Generally MX helmets are about the size you would want the helmet in the end. They are too big. Try paintball mask's.

Well I remember someone having an MX helmet previously and building on top of it - it was the guy who wanted to build a "vacation suit" and it didn't look too bad... but, I'm not sure so we definitely need to think about it.

But that is definitely what I was thinking earlier.
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