ODST Helmet: And it starts

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I've got very detailed progress pictures, that I'll post later.

This is after 1 day of laying on the clay... next week should look more like a helmet. I have the visor, ready, and it's going to work well.
Here's the visor:


Here's a concept of it in there. To help you guys imagine more of how it will look in the end.

WOAH! :shock: That is looking badass, Adam! Awesome job on it so far! Now please tell me that you'll be selling these, right? :mrgreen: Could you post where you got that lense too? It looks great, a bit more blue than silver, but it actually looks better that way.

Also, I know you're stil getting the general shape roughed in at these stages, so I just wanted to throw this into the mix. Of course you were probably already planning to build it up on top a bit more anyways. I just want the end product to look as good as possible. :mrgreen:

actually, i don't intend to build it up any. My camera was lower than the "camera" from the render... It looks pretty close. Not perfect, but very good.
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