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ODST helmet WIP

Discussion in 'Halo Pepakura Costumes' started by woduddl0303, May 30, 2018.

  1. woduddl0303

    woduddl0303 Member

    Hello people. I've picked this hobby back up. New project for the summer!

    I wish I took more pics when I started the pep, but I started with Kirrou's HD Rookie file! I honestly felt too lazy for the cavities on top of the helmet and wanted to deal with it with bondo detail process instead.

    Here are some pics:





  2. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt

    Looking good, man. Great Bondo work so far!
  3. woduddl0303

    woduddl0303 Member

    hello everyone!

    Another quick update:

    I acquired a really old orbit sander that 's been working okay. I've been using 60 grit sandpaper to shape the overall shape of the helmet, and I'll eventually move onto 120 and 220.

    I've been putting few think layers of bondo, and putting on a think layer of gray primer&filler spray paint. to see which spots are uneven.

    Please give me some feedbacks!




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  4. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt

    Looking really good! Very clean lines, which is important.

    Are those surplus suspenders? I think I have those same ones! Haha
  5. woduddl0303

    woduddl0303 Member

    haha they're just a chest rig! I use the with a plate carrier and a alice pack with frame for rucking
  6. Sean Anwalt

    Sean Anwalt

    Gotcha. funny how *NOW* it's being used for fun! Hahahaha

    How are you planning on padding the inside of the helmet?
  7. This is awesome, subbed for sure! Are you looking to do the basic ODST color?
  8. woduddl0303

    woduddl0303 Member

    I don't have a solid plan as of yet, but I'm playing with the idea of getting some velcro padding system certain combat helmet like this one:

  9. woduddl0303

    woduddl0303 Member

    haha thanks! I'm not really sure what color I want to do. I was playing around with the idea of dark green? Not sure right now. I don't want to do just a black ODST helmet thought lol
  10. I think a dark green would be cool, maybe try a Navy Blue?
  11. I think a dark green would be cool, maybe try a Navy Blue?
  12. woduddl0303

    woduddl0303 Member

    Hey guys! I've been busy with summer school lately, but I did get some work done!

    I've been doing some search and I found myself loving the ODST from Reach
    And since Reach came before Halo 3 ODST, I figured maybe I'll do an in-between dev version of ODST.
    More specifically, I really liked the earpiece design. To me, it makes more sense than the Halo 3 ODST design.

    This is the concept art I found

    Now, here are the actually update pics:

    Attached Files:

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