Foam ODST: Version 1 was okay. Now for Version 2


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You can pose your avatar now! There's a few different tweaks within the canvas workspace as well but I'm not sure what version you last played around in so those may have already been there for you.

Are you thinking of any new attachments or just part replacements?
At this point, just upgrade parts.

Here are the adjustments so far.
The yellow are just resized parts and the blue are unfolds that smelms was kind enough to share.


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I am finally starting with my upgrades. When I first started my ODST build, the knee caps were the very first thing I made. So... I shall start with them again.
First time around there were mistakes made and some details that were not in the foam file. Most noticble were the 'ears' on the knee cap. This time around I have remedied that. The file was still missing a part so I had to make up my own.


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Another update. 2nd knee cap is done... Don't have a pic but it is done. I swear it is.
Now have front half of first shin done. My first time around I didn't do any bevel cuts to make the front part flush. I just slapped the bits together making it quite bulky. The other big difference is the bottom of the shin. This time I did the valley cut in the back to shape the foam.


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Well... I just wasted a couple of days worth of work. Looks like when I re scaled my shin armour I failed to notice how it fit on my Armorsmith dummy. My scaling was completely wrong.

I didn't zoom in on the leg and check how massive the gap was.



Now... Shin armour... Take 3.

Now it fits like a glove. Will mostly have to make the back of the leg a separate piece so, I can properly slip it on and off.
Sigh. Two unfinished shins. The opening in the top is about 7x5"... If you got legs that big you can claim these unfinished shin armour. I'll even throw in the cut out templates so you can finish them off. Hahaha.


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I'm just wondering at what point you looked at it and said "Hmmmm, this looks a tad bit big" LMAO!

Laughing w/ you bro, been there done that.
After I had cut and started assembling the parts for the calf. That's when the crushing pain of scaling wrong started to creep in.

I have already reprinted and started cutting out new templates. I will build the upper part first and test fit. I'm too paranoid now.


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Alright... Let's try this again. I'm at the same point when I discovered my epic fail.

This time it fits much better. It's still loose but actually wearing pants plus boots and maybe some padding will fix
On the bonus side is that I can salvage the knee caps from my previous attempt since the scale isn't too far off.

All that's left is the back of the ankle and some details and I can move to the twin.


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I now have twins!
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Some gap filling and sanding is next.
I also plan to keep the knees separate from the shins this time. I'm thinking either mounting them onto some knee pads or some sort of compression sleeve.
What sounds like a better idea?
I've done an ODST with separate knees and an Army Trooper with knees joined to the shin and I honestly prefer the joined knee for comfort and looks. Having elastic or anything compression around your knee is kind of tiring after a day of trooping and unless you clip them to the shins as well they like to slide around which is another thing to think about when you're taking photos (ain't nobody got time for that!).

It's your choice good sir, I know you'll figure out a way to make it work!

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Were you having problems with the knees before? Mine are attached to the rest of the shin, and I found it very easy to move around in. I can kneel comfortably while my knee fits in the knee piece like a ball in a cup. Plus, that's two fewer pieces to worry about falling off, getting crooked or getting misplaced.

But if you're dead set on separating the knees from the shins, I'm sure a single elastic strap will be enough to keep them from going anywhere. Gravity and the natural tapered shape of your legs will pull them down, but the shins will keep them from drifting too far south... As long as there isn't a wide enough gap between your leg and the inside of the shin armor.

Like I said, I'm in Camp Attached-To-The-Shins because it simplifies things. Maybe test both methods and see what works best for you. Wear them for a few hours. Walk around in them, and get a good feel for it. The last thing you want to do is spend half of your cosplay time at the repair table like I did this weekend at HOD Chicago. Except I never had to fix anything below the hip plates.

Looks good so far! I can't wait to see how it turns out!


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Did some gap and low spot filling with Woodland scenic foam putty. I let it cure for a day or two. The photo above has the one on the left sanded and the the right waiting for its turn. I used 120,180 and 320 grit to make it as smooth as I can.

Here both are sanded and then I went back for a second round of filling. Mainly some areas that are still a little low.
I also finally managed to get my hands on some Rustoleum Leak Seal. My local Home Depot didn't carry it. I ended up going to Lowe's (yes we have some here). It's sooooo much cheaper too. Plasti Dip is $22. Flexi Dip has crept up to about $12 and the Leak Seal is running $10 (these are in CAD, plus taxes)
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So I ordered some L200 foam from I am not well versed in the millions of differet names that high density foam has so, I'm hoping this stuff is decent enough. The sweet thing is that they have a local warehouse. I placed my order yesterday afternoon and I recently got an email informing me that it has been delivered and is waiting for me to get home. :D:D:D