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Today is the day.
Use this thread for all your Gameplay, Battle Pass Progression, Weapon Balancing, Plots, Characters, and Design Choices discussion and comments.

Please place all potentially Spoiler Content in Spoiler Tags for at least the first two weeks or so, until the majority of members have been given a chance to experience the Story.
I'll throw my two cents in and say Infinites multi-player is pretty damn good gameplay wise. Would it be nice to pick what game mode you play? Yes. Would it be nice to not get cross mapped by the AR or sidekick every now and again? Yep. Weapon balancing is a process and healthy feedback is critical to any sort of changes we can expect to see. The lack of mode selection for me isn't a big deal, i'd imagine it's like this to gather match data or something and will change once out of beta or sooner. It's also renewed my love for oddball. The updates to the progression made a huge difference, the boosted daily challenges make it feel far less grindy. I only have time to play after work for a few hours but I'm still able to finish the weekly challenges and level up at a decent rate. I think I'm at 49 of the battle pass.
It would be neat to see some sort of performance boost per match, even if it's 1-5xp per kill, 25xp for capturing a flag, 10xp for a multi kill, etc. This might help promote playing the objectives and help boost players who are on constantly. There's always room for improvement but at the moment, it's pretty good. I'll make another post about my thoughts on the campaign later now that my lunch is up.
I have been enjoying the MP gameplay. Loving big team battles and either stockpile, CTF, BTS, really all of it.
For the battle pass/progression really would love to see gameplay performance attributed to the medals earned, vs only playing whatever weekly challenge is in my lineup to progress through battle pass.

Time will tell what occurs, but I will always be happy for more Halo!
Finished the campaign last night around 4am local. I'll be placing most of my thoughts into spoiler tags but first a little background onto my experience with the Halo franchise to set the stage for what makes Halo so great for me.

The first game I went hands on with was Halo 3 probably close to its launch. I'd only seen a little from CE years ago and I was excited to actually play one of the games. I enjoyed it a lot and quickly did a play through of the first two games after. CE was an expansive and it was good to see what started it all. Halo 2 surprised me with its length and two sided story, both of which I enjoyed. Custom Halo 3 games were what I looked forward to after days in middle school. I spent 32 hours straight playing one week during summer and had a great time.

Reach was announced. I pre-ordered the game as soon as it was available, went first hand into the multi-player beta and shed tears over the Deliver Hope live action trailer (this is still one of the best trailers I ever seen). It's story was somber and did a good job driving home the idea that Humanities best are still only human and the Covenant are so much more.
This is also where, like many I assume, my Spartan was born.

I again pre-ordered Halo 4 but was left quite literally saying " Wait that's it?" After finishing the campaign. I did enjoy what little of the multi-player I touched but dove back to Reach soon after.

I played Halo 5

Now on to Infinites campaign. I did play it with game pass on my Xbox one elite.
No spoilers yet.

My initial reaction was awe. Not just at the opening but the gameplay and Vista. I played the game as an open world experience, going from point to point saving marines and collecting cosmetics all while hitting the nearby story missions. Doing the optional stuff gets you better weapons and vehicles but otherwise doesn't impact the story from what I saw. There were moments that were true to the name Halo: explosions, angry space monkeys, big silver communications pillars firing bolts of blue into the sky, care given to the characters, a Halo! The nostalgia hit just right without being overbearing.

And those money shots of the Pelican are SO awesome

I do think the campaign was good, I played on Heroic which was was challenge but not difficult at most points. I think I hit the credits after about 16 hours and did maybe just over half of the side objectives, only going out of the way for collectables if they were on the way to something. Overall it was very reminiscent of Combat Evolved and I didn't mind that one bit.

Now some spoilers

There were a lot of missed opportunities to bring the flood back, especially with all of the call backs to the Halo 3 Cortana moments and Gravesend quotes. I kept eagerly waiting to open a door and hear them scream from a distance and many of the rooms that felt like the first contact room in 343 Guilty Spark left me feeling uneasy. But they never showed. Feels bad man

The Harbinger, (part of the Endless species? Their name is said in an audio log but I don't remember), had little spoken motive other than she's mad at the Forerunners. While I didn't get all the voice logs yet I think her species isn't affected by the halos and the Forerunners punished/tortured them for being a risk for flood infection after the galaxy was wiped of life. Assuming I interpreted this right thats kinda cool. The Forerunners didn't seem to have their heads on straight (like saving samples of the flood good god that was a bad idea) so rather then trying to explain the risk and simply hiding or guarding the Endless world, why not just wipe them out? But it was just left for the player to find and not pushed as plot. She did quote the Gravemind a time or two so I wonder how that's connected.

Lots of boss fights with lots of health and very few mechanics to spice things up. This is not different from prior Halo boss fights but a slight reduction in hp or more "this isn't even my final form!" (save for the second Monitor who just got more health and a new paint job) would be nice.
The Jega fight was actually fun and set a really good atmosphere going into the arena. I felt stress and anger knowing that he was going to be the next target and how he was feeding not just off of Bro-Hammer's loss of his family, but he fact that he knew Chief would be drawn to him because of this. I ran it without the threat detector cause I ran out of inputs on the controller...
I'm surprised it wasn't more of a chore to get through like the two brute bosses at the end of Pelican Down. The final boss was a classic rule of three challenge and it wasn't too bad to get through.
There is the after credit scene and I figured Atriox would be there. It was said early that he was dead but I figured there's no way 343 would just write off a threat as big as Atriox. Not without a cinematic anyway. They did do a good job with the seamless transitions from first to third person, I'm just partial to the original three games style of cinmatics. I'm looking at you Blur Studios

Games good, it did lots of things very well to stay true to Halo in my mind. There are certain things that could have been done better but not much that was done "wrong" in my eye.
They missed what I think was a perfect opportunity to bring the flood back. I do hope there's DLC or a continuation soon to follow up on the flood (which are confirmed to be on the ring in game) and Atriox.
When I was younger I imagined what a Halo game with open exploration and upgrades would be like and Infinite is that game. Would I have been upset had I bought it full price? I don't think so, but I understand the "Get your Skyrim out of my Halo" argument. I do wonder what differences skipping all of the side stuff might do this idea.

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