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I think we should have a section, about other language. I explain.

2 days ago, I invited a bunch of frenches, and they wanted so much to come, but couldn't because they don't speak a word in english (rofl).

I think we should have a forum on other languages, so we could have like a French Regiment, Spanish etc.

I could translate all the stickies.

I think it'd be helpfull

Walter Spase

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I am guessing he is saying he keeps his email private...

Thats not true. really, but I am not just going to post it in here either... just dig for it if you really want to talk to him.


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Oui, thats a good idea. I know Adam's e-mail, just PM me (it's not his personal e-mail).


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I don't know for the dutch, but the french language is more complex than english.

Google translator sucks, no jokes.

Ares, I PM'ed Sean and Link.

falcon NL

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This is not a good idea, If the French want to learn how to make a armor they need to learn Englishes, or do a lot of translating. It ridiculous that the site needs to change because they cant read Englishes. Englishes is the one of the most common language in the world, so its more than normal that you can read or speak English.

The reason that against has a another reason.Because my mother language is Dutch, i have learn Englishes German and French so that i could communicate with the rest of the world. Did (i) we ever requested that some parts need to be in Dutch? NO! and this is perfect normal, if you want a armor that bloody bad you need to do a little effort for it.

@Last Spartan
Dutch is more complex than French English and German. To be exact, Dutch is Officially the second complicated language in the world.


English is the most complicated language in the world.

like: they're their there, which, witch, wich, castle sounds like kassle


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Ares said:
Wich is not a word.

Falcon : It's not everyone who can learn 3 languages. The french from France only speak French, and they won't learn english, just to read tutorials. I'm not asking if Adam could translate it, I'm asking if I could.

BTW : English is really easy...
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