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The paintnall BR is created by engler customs,ands made from a tippman 98 custom, unfortunatly I just found out I cannot post a picture of it up, because I cannot copy the picture now and I deleted it from my computer and photobucket long ago, its at the very bottom of the page though, you cant miss it
those are cool paintball guns, if they where all made to actually look like a gun, like airsoft, mabey more people would buy them, plus they would look cooler.
yeah, the hopper is a nice tuch though seeing as the hopper brand is Halo, I wouldlike to get one, its prbably a step up from my PB gun
I am not positive my friend that showed it to me said it was around $600+ dollars not sure of the exact amount, but he knows alot more about paintball then me
Except for the fact that looking through the scope will get you a close up view of the hopper, Very nice.

no the hopper is moved off to the side on the 98 custom, so you can have a scop without a hopper in your way
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