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Question.... has any one seen a good pep of a carbine??? or maby a mawler???? Bruteshot? or spiker?? maby a Jackle Sheild??? and has any one ever thought of making a brute costume??? just curious....
I think someone had made a Pep file for the Covenant Carbine at one point... can't be 100% sure, though; I'd have to look around to see if I can find it to confirm that. As for the other weapons you'd mentioned, I myself have never seen any Pep files done up for those (they've typically been built completely from scratch). Same goes for the Brute costume... :whistle:
someone on the site a guy had a assult rifle...... i know its not what your looking for buy still
its there sorry i cant give a link to the wep but il try tomorow when im not tired..... its 8 and
i hat late last night too so il try and find it if you want?

sorry i cant help with brute wepons il have a nozy around and il se what i can find ok? :lol:
lol yeah... hmmm i think it would b dooable if i can get a hold of a chewbacka costume... it would need modifing but it could b a start....
I'm modeling a brute body/head/armor and going to cover the body/head with latex, paint it, then add horse hair to make it realistic. :p

And I've got a simplified Carbine I'm working on for Pepakura.
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