Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by Chernobyl, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. agentflorida


    can we get the halo 4 armors and helmets, as well as halo reach base armors and shoulders and knees? hope I'm not asking to much.
  2. agentflorida


  3. agentflorida


    can we get the halo 4 ricochet shoulders, Stalker body, Rouge helmet, halo 4 legs, arms, and boots. hope I'm not asking to much.
  4. agentflorida


    Sry about the spaming. I thought I clicked edit instead of quote. then it all just disappeared. I was trying to narrow down my request to the latest post.
  5. Jackshadow

    Jackshadow New Member

    Is there a Noble 6 in foam running about that I could have, pretty please?
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  6. mblackwell1002


    there is one in the armory, look there. All Reach files should be there.
  7. Jackshadow

    Jackshadow New Member

    I found a Noble 6 helmet, but I don't have access to the old files, unfortunately. Noobie problem, I think, since I wasn't on the old forum...? Or, I'm not searching in the right place, with the right keywords. I'll keep looking!
  8. mblackwell1002


    Jackshadow, Click 'The Armory', then look on the left side of the page. You will see a bunch of folders, one of which will say 'Halo: Reach'
    click it, and all of the Halo Reach files are there. FYI, in Reach, noble 6 can customize his armor, so the Reach armor is noble 6. all of them.
  9. Jackshadow

    Jackshadow New Member

    Sorry for being dense, and thanks for helping a FNG :D
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  10. SpartanJoeMama

    SpartanJoeMama New Member

    Could someone extract the new helmets added to halo 5
  11. Master Chives

    Master Chives New Member

    Hi all, I was requesting a non-Halo model. If anyone is willing and able to undertake the challenge of turning the hard pieces of this Star Citizen RSI Explorer suit into a model for pepakura use, it would be greatly appreciated:

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  12. SI3RRA 117

    SI3RRA 117

    I'm not sure where to post this but this seemed the most logical place I suppose. I'm looking for someone to possibly convert a pdo file to an obj file for me. I'm not able to export files with the free version of pepakura builder. Looking for the halo-3-mjolnir-mkvi-bicep-and-shoulder-left.pdo and halo-3-mjolnir-mkvi-bicep-and-shoulder-right.pdo from the H3 MKVI UHD file zip in the armory. I would like to make this file 3d printable I just need the obj file. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  13. II0MrsClumsy0II

    II0MrsClumsy0II New Member

    can someone recommend a working page were you can get papercraft files for Halo Reach Armor
    thx in advance and have a great weekend ^.^
  14. II0MrsClumsy0II

    II0MrsClumsy0II New Member

    i cant find some " pdo " files if someone knows where to find them ,would be great if you can text me :)

    Halo Reach : Left & Right Shoulder HAZOP

    Halo Reach : Chest Tactical / Patrol

    Halo Reach : Wrist Tactical / Tacpad

    Halo Reach : Knee Guards FJ / Para

    Halo Reach : Helmet HAZOP

    Halo Reach : Helmet Mark V (B)

    Halo Reach : Helmet Scout

    Halo Reach : Helmet Operator

    Halo Reach : Helmet MJOLNIR Mk . VI

    Thanks in Advance for all the help :)
  15. ArnaudFr

    ArnaudFr New Member

    [EDIT : Nevermind about the Copperhead helmet, I managed to find it on one of the topics in the 405th. For some reason it is not available in the Armory. I leave the images for those who need reference pictures.]

    Hi everyone,

    My girlfriend and I are planning to make two Halo armors using Pepakura files.
    Therefore I have two requests for you.
    [She would like to make the Copperhead armor (Vale's armor) but only the armor is actually available in the Armory. Could anyone make an unfolded version of the helmet as well?]
    Secondly, I'd like to make the Anubis set, yet only the helmet is available. Therefore I ask if someone could make an unfolded version of the armor (arms, legs, body etc...). I'd really appreciate your help.

    Thanks, here are some reference pictures to help you in your job.

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  16. Dracosfire83


    Look like the Anubis armor will need some intersecting faces cleaned up before it's ready to unfold most of it's minor but the worst of it seems to be is in the backside of the torso.

  17. Joecool118

    Joecool118 New Member

    Hey, does anyone here have a model for the Halo 5 Security Armour? Thanks!
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  18. Runesoldiero

    Runesoldiero New Member

    Halo-Kotobukiya-Blue-Mark-V-Spartan-with-Energy-Sword-Statue-e1431136463674.jpg s4markvspartan-inset1__19616.1461822765.jpg s4markvspartan-inset2__96284.1461822766.jpg s4markvspartan-inset4__35351.1461822769.jpg 3001393-halo-spartan-blue-team-leader-007.jpg Does anyone have, or can anyone make this a rigged model? Ive been searching for hours and trying to make a rigged halo model, but it hasnt worked out for me. So i was wondering if anyone has had any better luck.
  19. Runesoldiero

    Runesoldiero New Member

    Actually I think i found it on this website... its not blue tho, and idk how to make it blue. and its in object files as far as ive seen, which cant carry textures.. Anyone know how to make it a different color?
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  20. GroupTree24

    GroupTree24 New Member

    I've wanted to know if the Halo 5 Mark V delta helmet is downloadable somewhere. Thank you.
  21. akiris1031

    akiris1031 New Member

    Me and my friend are working on our own armor sets and we would like to use the Mk v chest piece from halo 5. I cannot seem to find it anywhere, would someone be willing to make a pepakura file of it for me, please.
  22. EndlessForrest


    Any chance we could get a Halo 4 Hunter Full build?
  23. Runesoldiero

    Runesoldiero New Member

    I have a request, Halo 5 Mark V spartan
  24. DesperateOak48

    DesperateOak48 New Member

    th?id=OIP.dFCqTHGA5jKetwQLl6iLzgEsDV&pid=15.1.jpg th?id=OIP.GuZQotuc2NnppcMt69aNrAEsEs&pid=15.1.jpg I am wanting to make the body of the white Hayabusa armor, with the shoulders of the green Hayabusa. I have been searching for the past two days, but have found nothing. Is there any way that you could get a Pep file for these? I can scale everything myself.
  25. agentflorida


    Can someone create a high or med def pepakura file of the Ricochet Helmet. I don't need the bars for it and I need it without the logo or mark on it as well.

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