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Pepakura/Model Requests: Second Edition

Discussion in 'Halo 3D Modeling' started by Chernobyl, Mar 22, 2016.

  1. Emp Frosty

    Emp Frosty New Member

    Hey i'm kinda new here so i'm not to sure if its all ready been requested by anyone but i'm looking for .stl or .obj files for the halo reach base armor with the Mk. V attachments for the shoulders if possible. I'm trying to work on a project for a friend and I to recreate our Halo:Reach armors but i'm not much of a modeler. I've look through a few sites already including the archive here but i couldn't find all the files i needed. Appreciate any sort of help anyone can give me in looking for the files.
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  2. mblackwell1002



    Welcome to the 405th! I take it you are looking to 3D print some armor?

    Lucky for you, nemesis2500 and I modeled some armor parts which are awesomely high-res and detailed. He did most of the work, so credit goes to him, but I am working on some helmets (right now I'm working on Jun's helmet, it's still pretty rough RN) and I hope to have a few done by the end of the year.

    Here is the post where he uploaded his files.

    Speaking of, he hasn't been online for a while, but I do hope he becomes more active.

    Anyway, Emp Frosty, be sure to post a thread of you building your armor! :)
  3. Emp Frosty

    Emp Frosty New Member

    Thank you for the help I never would have thought to look in a tread like that to find the files. Its got most of what I need I'm just gonna have to take my time sizing them before I cut them up to print. If you've got any tips or tricks for that it'd help. I use autodesk netfabb and so far its easy to use just hard getting it cut the exact parts I want. I'll throw up a link when I start the build though, thanks again.
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  4. ArnaudFr

    ArnaudFr New Member

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to "reiterate" my request concerning the Anubis armor from Halo 5.
    I checked a few months ago and noticed that a .obj file of the armor was available in the Armory. Many thanks to the person who made those files.
    Since I may be the biggest noob in the history of computer science, and that I saw people converting .obj files into .pdo files, I ask the community if it's possible to convert those files into .pdo files so I can start the build.

    Thank you for considering my request, and have a nice day! :)
  5. mblackwell1002


    Yes, all you have to do is open the Obj into Pepakura designer, and unfold it.

    Just open Pepakura designer, click "Open File", select the file you want to import, and then follow the instructions on-screen. Click "No Flip" in the pop-up, then click "Finish". Then you can be on your way unfolding the model.
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  6. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

    Shame on you Blackwell! Put your hand out so I can slap it! Now go and apologize to Arnaud. Lol! No really, all jokes aside. Every raw unedited Obj. file needs some work in a Modeling program before sending it to Pepakura for unfolding. You'll end up with open edges, and some parts not properly connected to each other.
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  7. Aoiken

    Aoiken New Member

    Hey everyone,
    I've been lurking around for a while, and have decided to finally try and tackle making my own set of armor. I've been poking around the Armory, and couldn't seem to find what I'm looking for so I decided to post a request, and see if anyone would be willing to try has done it already. What I'd like to do is start of by making a helmet. Ive got two 3d printers that id like to use over trying to use over a Pepakura foam or paper build.
    I wanted to try and make either the Halo 3 Recon, but the files I found dont have a lot of detail or have a most of the detail in the normal maps. Ive thought about using the Halo 5 Recon helmet since it at least has a lot of base detail. The scale inst important to me, since i'm gonna have to section the model into pieces for my 3d printers. if possible id like to front load as much of the detail as I can since Im not super well versed in finishing and doing detail myself.

  8. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    So actually wrote something out but than saw mblackwell1002 's post the 3d printed pieces. So I ask, are those files available for use? They look like CAD files so they would work in Fusion (I think at least). As for a request, I was wondering about the grenadier chest. This picture gives the idea.
    I am looking for a 3d printable version of just the attachment, cause then it could be put over a mark v body.

  9. mblackwell1002


    I'll see what I can do! I'll be gone for a week or two starting Friday, but if you're patient I can try and get something done. :)
  10. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    Take your time and thank you! :)
    Last edited: Sep 5, 2017
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  11. Shonen

    Shonen Jr Member

    hello.. can someone model this one

  12. Mflanny34

    Mflanny34 Member

    I take paid 3d modeling requests for 3d print if there's something you guys need made. All of my modeling has been moved to Irish Cowboy Props on facebook, feel free to message me there.
    Last edited: Oct 3, 2017
  13. Manu


    Hello, i have been planing to do a Warden costume from For Honor after i am finally done with my Halo armor and i have been looking all around the Internet for helmet files, to be more specific for files for the medieval barbute helmet
    (in For Honor its called "Loran").
    So if anybody knows if anyone has pepakura files for this helmet, i would be very happy



  14. TOWLBiscuits


    Can someone please cut the male H5 nightfall armour .obj from the database up into individual armour segments. Ta
  15. KnavishPlum

    KnavishPlum New Member

    So.. I don't know if anything would really need to be changed here, but I was thinking, and instead of trying to 3d print something that large and probebly heavy, Would the model have to be modified for foam? Ill try to do the unfold myself, but I don't know if anything could be done to make it simpler.
  16. patricky95

    patricky95 New Member

    Does anyone happen to have the Halo 5 Teshin Helmet file in foam? Thanks
  17. imamorron

    imamorron New Member

    Hello all,
    I've been a member here for a little while now and am curious if anyone has or could make the H2A ODST hard armor, I love the H3 ODST however I am interested in taking a step backwards and making something different. I have been searching through the forums and the armory and have not been able to find anything. Any and all help would be appreciated!

    Ps: Here's a front and back picture of what I'm talking about. H2A_CinematicRender_ODST.jpg ea33c00ed4641edd07cab529309d094d.jpg
  18. HaloHunterChief


    well one of my favourite creatures in the halo universe is the flood the halo 4 infection flood in particular for the costume im making but the one problem is that there are no stinking models on the internet or the armory besides the head
    the only thing I ask for is the melee arm

    here are some pics:
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  19. LazyBeaver

    LazyBeaver New Member

    I dunno if what I've got right here would be helpful, but it might be what you're looking for. It's got the OBJ's as well as some textures.

    Attached Files:

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  20. HaloHunterChief


    where did u find that man u da best bro thanks a lot
  21. LazyBeaver

    LazyBeaver New Member

    I don't remember if I got it from the old file archive here or if I obtained them on my own. Either way, I'm glad I could help.
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  22. Starlightwarden

    Starlightwarden New Member

    Is it possible to get a model of the Halo 5 Mark V Delta for Pepakura? I have been looking for ages since the helmet was released into Halo 5 and still can't find it. :(
  23. ReClaimer8015


    Are there files of the 3 Hierarchs Crowns? Doesn`t matter in which form - pep, or even Cad.
    Could be useful as reference, in addition to pictures......which i am also grateful for. Halo 2 Anniversary Style preferred - it is pretty close to the Original, just with more details.
    If these are already made by someone, please let me know!
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2018
  24. MuskyChode

    MuskyChode New Member

    Does anyone know of a model existing for the Commando UA/FC helmet variant? If not would anyone be able to make one for me, since I don't know the first thing about modeling software.

    Sauce Images:



  25. SavedbyGraceG12

    SavedbyGraceG12 Well-Known Member

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