Pics of your pets

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Sean Bradley

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This is my pet fist. Have you met him? His name is punchy....

Isn't he cute?


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smilie120 said:
WOOT! This is my chihuahua! WOOOOO! CHihuahua fan club!

Oh no a Chihuahua, god I hate those things but I did see one before that was nice and calm and not barky and crazy.
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Durlaburban said:
I smell somthing.. burning flesh... oh wait thats just doom about o take out the trash with his banhammer

it better be ROCKSTAR2217
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The scary dog's name is Sam, and he was champion of the world's ugliest dog contest until he died a couple years ago. It is a real dog, even though its hard to believe its not something from a Resident Evil movie. It is of the Chinese Crested breed.

SGT Razor

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Wrigley93 said:
kittens can save the thread!!! dun dun daaa!!

Dude, those aren't even yours. Notice the thread is titled "Pics of your pets," Not "Just post random pics of anyone's kittens."
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