Pipninja's custom noble VI


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I'm so happy!!! I finnished the belt!




I made the pieces individually and then put them together in a way with the easiest movement and comfortability.

I used a mixture of nylon straps, and elastic.




For attachment, each side has a belt loop, to stay up, and then the front is attached with buckles to hold it all together, and hide the actual belt buckle.



Now here is the best part.... I did a full suit up so far!! I'm so happy with the look and fit!




Also I did some planning on some technical changes, with lights, pockets, magnets, etc. I also plan to sand and reseal and repaint all parts. Also once my printer is up and running, we may get some weapon production. I can't wait! Soon I will start the arms. The goal is to finish this project before I move mid April.


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It's been a minute, so just an update about me and the future of my work. First off, I made it all the way back to Cali! It only took a 36 hr road trip. Next, for project wise. First, I plan to redo the legs. I am not happy with them. I will be keeping the knees, they are the one piece I really like of the legs. Next I'm going to change my color scheme. I'm thinking an aqua and gunmetal, or maybe a stonewashed blue, not sure yet. And finally the next step is actually going to be to Finnish the pieces I have done before creating the next ones, that way I can find out how I like them. Ohh and finally, now I have a ventilated work area, and a respirator, I'mma switch to contact cement. I hope to get some progress in the next couple of weeks.


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Well, looks like I'mma be away from this project for awhile. I have like barely any time before I go to HOD, and with work, I won't be finishing this project before then. I am going to continue to work on it. I have learned so much in this process, so I am excited to see where this goes. I might plan to do a quick costume before HOD for me and my fianceé before the event. We will see what is to come!


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This has been a pleasure to read.
I looked at the gungnir helmet and though "dang, someone already beat me to it somehow", then scrolled down to the face shot of you smirking and that was totally mocking me. I loved it.

Great job on the construction by the way! It's looking amazing.

Also... Pixel Bros?


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Heyo!! It's been awhile. Been super busy with work, the move, and I was able to crank out some Marines for HOD. I was putting in some work for HOD, and I made some progress on my own Spartan a lil. I will be back in full swing here soon! Here is a sneek peak of what I've been working on