plaster cloth


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yes to all questions. it is a good method if you don't want to take the leap to fiberglass just yet

Sean Bradley

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Yeah, although several people have gone this route, no one has posted any pics... Whats up with that?
lol we used this once in our class to make face masks and it stuck to my friends face and dried like that and the teacher had to pry it off there face :duh:


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no i havent, my uncle suggested it to me, but i already was planning to use fiberglass. seems like i could break easily :wowie: . did i mention that it is heavy. and if you are going to pep, waterproof the piece first or watch the plaster warp and destroy your piece

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how should i strenghten it/water proof it? so i could use plaster. i was only going to use plaster cloth for the helmet and the back pack and maybe some of the arm pieces for the rest i was going to make from card board


scotch guard makes a water sealant
youre definitely gonna want to support it though USE THE BLUE AND RED CAN OF GREAT STUFF the rest of them kill your armor

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thanx. is your sword / shield fairly strong? i f i used it for armour would it be durable enought to wear. oh yah and is it like a cast ( says on the internet its the same thing) (y)


Caboose said:
Can I have a link to a good waterproofing material?

i used tempera varnish with plaster strips it worked well.

when ever i use a furum link on this site it just derects me to the main forum page? pls help
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