CLOTHAR's ODST Armour Build


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O.M.G.......Why didnt i think to use craft foam for the indents!? *bows* genious sir, i love it. I was trying to figure out how i wanted to go about doing that to my foam helmet when i build it. Now i know lol.
I have built two shoulders but cant post them yet. no internet lol. Im at work right now hehe.
Keep up the great work, i love watching.


I am back after a busy term at university. Anyone who has been through it knows what that is like.

Thanks everyone for the enthusiasm! I am glad that I finally have had some free time to work on this again. I am starting to go over all the pieces now and do all the detail work, then I can finally start prepping pieces for molding. It should be a busy summer! Today I re-did two of the ab plates, as my first set were a little messy. Here are the new ones:



Stay tuned. Hopefully I will have some more steady progress throughout the summer.



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Looking good dude. Im looking at your thread quite a bit as I slowly start working my ODST foam build. It gives me inspiration to try and make mine look just as good as yours. Keep up the good work!


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I love the amount of details in this foam armor, you give me some ideas for improvements of my owen suit
Looking forward to see more of your work :)


Ahhhhh, this is making me lean towards an ODST suit for my next project. I've been thinking of doing either Halo 4, ODST, or Skyrim, and this is really helping me see how I would put it together. Plus, the ODST armour doesn't seem to have as many complicated curves as the H4 stuff.

Great work fellow Canadian!

P.S. If it's not too much trouble, could you PM me your reference images if possible? I've got about a dozen already, but none that show the detail you're cranking out.

P.P.S. I'm totally gonna steal the foamie technique for the helmet. Foam helmets FTW.


Hey all. Thanks for the kind words and encouragement.

Summer has been crazy busy, and I haven't had much time at home. Thankfully I think I am finally settling back down for a few months, and can continue to chip away at the build. My most recent progress has been the basic build of the backpack. I built it from cardboard as it is mostly planar shapes. There are some additions to add, and details to cut in. I think I will probably resin the piece first, and then do the detailing as it should be easier to make cleaner cuts and holes when it is more rigid.


PS - I don't have the files linked in the thread. I got all my files through the 405th database. I scaled and modified them as needed for my purposes.


Hey, you don't see many ODSTs with backpacks around here, and you're killin it for being one of the firsts!

Amazing work as always! Trust me, we all wish you had more time to work as much as you do ;)


awesome job! super clean cuts with the foam! I might do a foam build myself so this is great for reference! again great job :D


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Hey dude, is there any way you could post the templates for the forearm, I have been having trouble finding an accurate pepakura file.