CLOTHAR's ODST Armour Build


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I'm really digging that shin design, looks really cannon. I'ed love you if you released the patterns you made for it :). Are you planning to make the boot cover?
Also to kitsune, I believe he used Hugh's second helmet for reference.


Well it has been a busy month for me. I have recently moved to a new city. So, moving took up most of my time. And then there was Christmas and New Years and all that. Anyway, I am mostly settled now, so I can continue building.

Combaticron - Thanks a bunch! I have been using this method for a while, and the practice has really paid off!

Kitsune - As ghostdragon guessed, I used the Hugh v2 helmet. It is a great model!

GhostDragon - Glad you like it. I actually used the "JTM ODST HD_Shin_Unfolded (scaled at 175cm)" file, and modified the pattern as needed. All the mods I did were with pencil and paper as I went; so, I don't have anything special to release. Sorry. I Wasn't planning on making a boot cover, as I think the boots I have are a pretty close fit. But I might change my mind...

I did manage to make some actual progress too, though it is pretty minor. Behold the knee pad:




That is it for now. More to come as I figure out my new schedule and such.



Thanks a bunch SprayNoob! I am keeping at it. I had time to re-build one of the thighs. Just like the shins, my original thigh pieces were just a little too big. So with the help of a friend I got new patterns cut out this weekend, and I assembled it today. The fit is better, but it can be a little hard to see the size difference in pictures. I assure you, the new one (blue) is better. Check the pictures below. Other than that I just need to do the other thigh, and I guess the backpack. Then I finally get to start detailing! I might actually be able to put this all on one day, ya!

Stay tuned.





Life has been crazy busy (but that's not new). I have been able to cram some hobby time every now and again. I have started detailing some of the pieces beginning with the gauntlets. This included hacking pieces out, and adding layers of foam. I have been staring at reference pictures from the games a lot, and making up pieces from scratch. I still have a ways to go, but it is a start. I think I will cut out and make some different elbow pieces too, these ones are a little off. Let me know what you think.




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You are really good at working with foam. I like how you used the craft foam to create a smoother surface, that's something I did a lot when I was making my halo 4 suit.


Thanks you two!

I am actually using the craft foam to give the effect of raised panels; the smoothing is just a nice side effect. :b

I do have a little more progress to show. I mocked up the grill pattern that goes in the top of each gauntlet. Check it out.



The detail is hard to see with all the weird colors, but I think it looks good.

More to come...



Thanks everyone. It is nice to have works like "remarkable" thrown my way!

The mods continue on the forearms, as I add little details, and re-build the elbow pads. I also took a chance to do a test fit of some of the pieces; however, it is tough to take pictures on your own, so I will try get some better shots next time friends are helping me out. So here are a few picture updates, as well as a little video I put together for making templates for custom pieces.





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This is a thread i am definatly going to be looking at when i soon start my foam odst lol
I have wanted to build it for a while. Keep up the great work bud
Gosh, you put all of the other foam ODST builds (including mine) to shame! The level of detail is beautiful, keep up the great work!

What is that knife-angle tool you have there? I've never seen anything like that before...


Mstruvmgc - I am glad you like it. You should start on yours. It is a fun project.

GuitarMaster - Well that is high praise, Thanks! I didn't want to necro your thread, but you have a really nice looking suit. Great work.

The knife angle tool is what I call my 'mitre block', and it is entirely homemade. It is built from a scrap piece of 4x4 wood. I cut a notch at 45*. I then added screws to the angled face, as well as the flat face. This way I can attach a knife to it, and the block lets me make 90* or 45* cuts. Much more accurate than doing it by hand! It is a great tool for any foam builder.


Fox - the glove is from my space marine armour. All I had at the moment, and wanted to see how a glove would look with the piece.

Dax - Thanks man! I can finally oblige on the showing some more.

Things have been really busy, and I have picked away with re-doing the dome of the helmet. It was staring at me forever and I just couldn't feel happy about it. The old one seemed too flat and angular. I tried modifying it, but it just wasn't right. So I tweaked my templates and started over. So here are some pictures of how it went together. I tried to show how I 'trimmed' the edges with craft foam to create the grooves, as opposed to carving them into place later. And I spent more time pre-forming all the pieces this time. I am much happier with the new version. Maybe I will actually get to start detailing soon!







The Old one:




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if you look at it from the front you can see a small dent in the left side, but over all not bad, plus space marine with halo would make it an Aliens movie.