Project Mini Chief

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little more progress. I have 1 and a half boots done! I almost made a big oopsie. I started on the second boot and almost ended with 2 right feet. Managed to fix it with some minor surgery.
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Both feet are now done. There's gonna be a lot of gap filling in this one... Sigh. May have to sand down some ares as well.
Will probably use some elastic wasteband material to keep the snug against the shoes.

They remind me of those bloody Croc's slippers.
Try using some craft foam w/ contact cement to conceal the gaps. You will still retain the shape and outline but the gaps will be gone.
Having used this same technique to cover up my many mistakes and really cleans up the work. Especially since craft foam needs very little "filling in" as raw EVA does. All those pesky little craters and divots left over from poor manufacturing.
First off, I got my can of Barge contact cement. I love this stuff. It's sooooooo much better than the cement I was using previously. Application, curing time and bond is much better.
Next part is I have the shins done.
There are a couple of areas where I will have to add some extra bits due to gaps created from parts not fitting like it would have if it was a Pep build. Speaking of extra bits.... I didn't realize it when I printed the templates out it had included parts that were for the pep build. I didn't realize this until I had started assembly. I nowhave a bunch of foam bits that I don't need. Ugh. What a waste.


Here's my son with a test fit with the boots on as well. The boots flare out so they look line clown shoes right now.
Thanks. I've seen a lot of different ways to do it and was curious on your opinion.
I pretty much follow the basic guidelines from the vids. For the amount of tape I use I do about 2 to 3 layers of tape. Some may see it as a waste of tape but, the form is sturdier and is easier to tape the seem together. With regards to closing the seem I find it easier to tape that shut first and then stuff it. With the stuffing I like to stuff it on the firmer side. I get pretty hands on with the dummy so I don't like to be hold a squishy form.
Looking great!

Those boots are bringing back fond building memories for me.

Don't worry about the extra pieces, I now have three right and one left shoulder pieces!
It's Friday! Update time!
So for today I have started assembly on both thighs. By the end of the day it will be completed.... I hope.
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Thighs are now complete. They are a little on the loose side. Will definitely have to add some straps and connect them to the space diaper to keep them from sliding down too much.
As well I have the forearms and shoulder templates all cut out. The goal is to have the foam cut and assembled before the weekend is over.
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Wow that's really come out well. Heavy going to be finished assembly by end of weekend though. But I suppose I'm a bit further through mine than you, being in UK
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