Project Request - Oracle - Penitent Tangent or Guilty Spark

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Anyone wanna help me on a project where we make one of these props? Glowing and all??

Interested parties reply to this thread. :hyper:


Yeah, i allways wanted a monitor of my own,

idea, Everytime you press the light he makes a sound like.

Random humming, laughing oh, hello, oh im a genious! hoho. and so on

maybe some phraces from the library
making that almost indirect light that isnt really connested to anything would probably be hard. Plus its like an LED... but the size of a normal lightbulb...

:Steve: Put several LEDs inside a ball of multiple layers of Serra Glass? :Steve:
I've been toying with the idea of making a version of Penitent Tangent to have sitting on my desk. I'll post some pics when I get my sketches done.
I thought the tentacle holding it would be a really cool thing to have as a stand.

and RvB Rocks =3.

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