Project Request - Oracle - Penitent Tangent or Guilty Spark

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Well seing how my camera is having issues I used a friends for this.


*shrug* It has some spots that I need to pop back out but other then that it looks good.
Even though that's the 'real world' size.. I thought it would look a little big.
That's why I did the smaller one.

Im quite keen to see how it turns out on the end..:)

Have you thought of using shredded paper and pva glue to make a more robust paper machie?
It looks a little wilted. Is that from the Elmer's used to glue the tabs down, or are you applying an Elmer's / Water paste to it to help firm it up a bit?
It looks wilted in that pic because I droped it and I neede to pop ou the dents that were created by the fall. I'm re-designing the stand to support all three parts. My original set up wont work for this size. Well I'm getting a new camera later today or tomorrow afternoon so I'll update the pics when I get it.

Jedi, I'll be doing somtihing like that for the tenticle stand.

The paper machie will also be supported by layers of Gorilla Glue. For even more strength... I did somthign like this before and I could throw it across a room without doing anything to it, so it should be strong enough.
Wow, Impressive. I guess ill stick around 'till i see the finished version before i try this myself. Good luck with it.

Off topic but, a quick question. What was that you used to support your MJOLNIR Helm?
Huh I play Lacrosse and never noticed it would go great for a MJOLNIR helmet thats wierd...The thing that sucks though is they cost about 200 bucks each
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