Project Request - Oracle - Penitent Tangent or Guilty Spark

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Well done Twisting_Neather! I'm working on a smaller version at the moment before I attempt something that large. I'm looking forward to more pics. I'll try to get some posted before too much longer.
count me in on this one. i'm in electronics so i can help you out with the glowing part. it can be done with LEDs and a filter/screen to diffuse the light. PM me and LMK exactly what u want it to do and i can see what i can come up with
what are you gonna do with it? you could make a track for a RC car on the cieling and hang it by a string and put a radio and voice box in it and talk to people.
Hey guys sorry about the inactivity, I didn’t mean to drop off the face of the earth… I failed my Chem. class and have spent the last moth doing all of the homework I never turned in… wow that was a lot….
Well I still am having issues getting pictures taken. I think I’m cursed. Every camera I touch seems to stop working and the pictures I took of the finished pepakura seem to have mysteriously vanished from my hard drive…
It looks good, especially since I’ve filled it up. Now it’s solid rather then a shell. I’m pleased that It’s looking so good, and I wish I could show you guys. :cry1:

As for an update on Penitent Tangent, I haven’t done much more then fill him up. Sorry guys, but I did get started on the stand, or rather the tentacles (yes as in more then one) :ha: <insert maniacal laughter> Its going to be a surprise, and I hope you guys like it.
Pepakura step finished

Here are some pictures of the small version of a monitor. Since I took these I have finished the frame (it's not quite complete in the last 2 pictures). Now I need to find a way to make them more stable. I was thinking about using a sealant and then making a silicone mold of the forms...this would allow me to cast them out of resin. However, I think I'm going to need them to be more stable...I could fill them with expanding foam, maybe.
The only tricky one is going to be the core, since it needs to be hollow for the electronics, but I think it will be all right if I do it in two pieces. Any thoughts?

Eye 1

Eye 2

Core 1

Core 2

Frame 1

Frame 2

Frame 3
Resin casting

Dude, the big one is so big, you're gonna have to rotocast is anyway. Otherwise it'd be way too heavy! Like, 20 pounds heavy. Of course, you could mount a Guilty Spark and Tangent to either end of a pole, and then bench press with them- while wearing your MJOLNIR armor. That'd be a picture...

But for real, rotocasting would give you perfect shape, and a hollow interior.
At this point I don't think I'm going to I'm going to go full size, at least not until I have a finished working small version. :)

The tentacle as stand is a neat idea, but I was thinking about hanging mine from the ceiling.
Whoa, hanging from the ceiling.That would still be awesome.You could hang it above your bed,so when you wake up your see like a lit up monitor. :shock:
But for real, rotocasting would give you perfect shape, and a hollow interior.

Unfortunately, I have neither the equipment nor the knowledge required to rotocast. Thanks for the idea though!
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lol 1:1... But yeah 343 Guilty Spark shouldnt be very hard to make.. I could prbably make one.. My step dad works at a metal shop, i could get the metal rounded and then use a sharpie for the cut outs etc.
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