Project Request - Oracle - Penitent Tangent or Guilty Spark

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Hmm. If you really wanted it hovering, and had no compunctions about power bills, you could make it out of a light material, and have it on a fan base. However, If you got a stand that reaches around the top and the bottom, like a globe stand, 2 equally powered magnets would keep it in places. Say, one magnet on top, and one on the bottom of the oracle. They would both pull towards the top of the stand, and if they were of equal power, the would easily stay put. But, I'm not much of an expert, so its really up to you.
well to get the outside round shape, you could buy a basketball and harden the outside with resin(hoping that it will work) and cut what you need to then detail the inside
hovering = I would be very surprised if someone pulled it off, and it didn't look ridiculous.

String? sure. Tentacle idea = AWESOME!
it would probably mean that we would have to build pepakura into the site to post pcs of the file. so that is probably not going to happen
someone could just open the file and pepakura and then press print screen and then upload the pic on here
There are commer..

There are commercially availible hovering-levitating thingies. Maybe hack one of them. Should be about size of softball.
Well seeing how summer is almost here I got finally started constriction of this project. I modified Jedifraz's papercraft model slightly and started constriction. I'm going to be using a paper mache over the top and use a smooth it out using a combination of sanding and priming. After the model is smooth I will paint it and construct the base using a paper-mache-like substance that works like clay, this will be supported by wires inside. I will attach the model to the stand and then paint it, do a little touch up and display it in my room. I'll be posting some pictures as I go along so you guys can stay up to date with my progress.
Just as an update for this project, I'm about done with the Pepakura part of this and will be moving onto the paper mache portion later this week. Pics comming soon! :lindsey:
quick thought...what if you ordered a cube of polystyrean foam- about 30$ and carved it out the just plated it with alumninum..
to me that sounds more logical..
but what ever you think is easier
There should be 343 Guilty Spark 8-ball fortune telling things. You know those 8 balls that you shake and then it says an answer. There should be a Guilty Spark toy thing of that. Then you look into the eye thng for the answer.
Ok, I've been having a lot of trouble with my camera, so I dont have any recient pics of what I've done, but I'll post the pics from the first few days of work.




and of course the rest of the parts
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