Prop Party Tx July 18Th Relocated....

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Hmmmmmmmm Orange, Tx... that's a ways from N Austin...We'll have to see how the finances look, plus the wife's willingness to give me a kitchen pass *laughs*

Sounds like a lot of fun guys!
Actually your not the first UK member here on the 405th to come to the US. My friend Paul (Beau Nidle) is from the UK, and he just married a Texas girl. So now he's a legal citizen, and a Texan at that...
wow really? Thats awesome to know. Im gonna have to drop him a PM and ask him how smoothly his immigration went. Mines just taking a while!. Thanks for letting me know anyways, im amazed by that.
You guys moved it to Orange? Sorry, can't make it now for several reasons.

1. Recent family emergency that scared the hell outta me and requires my presance elsewhere

2. Time constraints

3. Not enough stuff to work on

4. Too damn far

5. Got lotta crap to do

Sorry guys, I was really looking forward to this too. Next time. Clear me from the list.
Well, looks like I'll be coming alone. My friend backed out on me at the last minute! So if anyone from the MS area or LA area wants a ride, I'll be going down I-55 from Jackson to I-10 all the way to Joe's.
Grim_Killer said:
I should be able to go,

Never been to one or ever had one.

so what to bring?

And what to Expect?

Get with me on Sat. Sir and I'll bring you over there. Pack up all the stuff you wanted my help on and we'll work with everyone together.

Pm me your address Grim and I can pick you up in the Van.
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BenStreeper said:
Get with me on Sat. Sir and I'll bring you over there. Pack up all the stuff you wanted my help on and we'll work with everyone together.

Pm me your address Grim and I can pick you up in the Van.

Sending pm..... Now..

Edit, was sending pm. Your box is full.
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I'm talking to my two friends that wanted to come with, but my sis/bro-in-law weren't going to be able to make this trip, so if my friends can't, my chances are slim.

Unfortuntely, my parents still keep me under tight surveillance and limit where I travel on my own, and the Houston area is apparently out of range. (Ignoring the fact I've been overseas by myself twice now)..

Anywho, enough ranting 'bout that, I'll have a definite answer either tonight or tomorrow, but it's looking like I won't be able to attend this one after all. My apologies, I really wanted to go.

Maybe I should host one up here..
Hmm, looks like this thing keeps getting smaller and smaller. No matter. I'll be up on Friday evening. I guess this is now Operation Orange?
Spase said:
Oh... BOOO... Wideo Games Live is this weekend in Houston... starts Saturday (tomorrow) at 2:00.

Well if you are willing to be up all night, you can attend Video games live then come over to "Operation Orange" and brag to us. I wanted to go to the show too, but lack of funds won that argument.
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Sorry to hear that the 'Dig had to be moved from Privater's, but glad hear that it's still on. I hope you're all having a good time.

UNSC_Leatherneck said:
... I guess this is now Operation Orange?

Fantastic name! Even though it is a little creepy.:p
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Wow, what a great weekend! For those of you that couldn't make the sorry :( . You totally missed out. We got alot completed, but you'll have to wait to see! No Spoilers! Lets just say, we went through about 4 gallon kits of smooth cast! I can't wait for everyone to post their progress. Now its time to get to bed after 6 hours of sleep over 3 days, and a 5 hour drive back home.
Well, How the hell did the Op. go? Feed BACK!!!!! I missed it and I want to know that it went okay! Who made it and who did not, especially those of you who were on the fence.
I know a few of us are waiting for someone to post the pics from this weekend before we spill the beans. Some of you may have already seen one pic posted in the gallery.
If only you Texas people were just a little bit closer. 1,185 miles away is just a bit too far for us South Dakotans. Haha. Good luck you guys with your party. If I had unlimited funds and time I would visit, but thats life for ya. Have a good one!
Pics are coming. I took over 900 pics over the course of the weekend so there's a lot to go through. I got the (exact) same amount of sleep as dystorted, so I'm gonna get to most of it tomorrow.
YYYYAAAWWWWNNNNN! I slept like a rock and I'm still dead to the world this morning. It's probably gonna take a day or two til I get rolling again.
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