SRS99-S5 AM Sniper Rifle Build


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With the weather currently still bad here and having my printers just sitting there, figured I'd start the next build as well. I don't plan on painting and finishing this one for a while so I can finish my MA5D and armor. We'll see what happens but for now this is just a fun brag post that I'll update later.

I got the model from Oddworks and I was honestly just wanting to see what the scale/size would be so I printed the barrel assembly.

Of course I thought it was awesome and wanted to see what the approximate entire length was so back to the printer.
This pic has an extra barrel piece that I was testing to see if I wanted to cheat and make it full length to actual scale. It was definitely too much to handle at the 64in so I left it at the scaling that the model was designed at which I think was ~56in. I'll measure it later to confirm.

Then why the heck not? Back to the printer for more parts!

Here is the full spread of everything before I assembled it. Most printed very easy, 2 or 3 were a pain to remove supports from.

And here is it assembled, no sanding or finishing yet. Banana for scale




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I just got mine in. I just need to put it together, sand, and paint mine too.


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