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I'm tryna create my rak armor I actually use in game. I've been trying to plan this armor out for a while now and I finally have all my templates and files to get it finished. One thing I do want to do; however, is having a flood infected version too! All I've actually completed for my armor so far is the helmet (though I'm missing my visor). Only issue with it is that it's low poly since it's a game rip, no issues though, a higher poly one will become my proper helmet, I'm thinking to turn this one into the flood infected one.

I'll be updating this thread about my progress.


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Another resident for Rak city!
Best of luck on the build man, I'm curious to see how the flood infected version comes out too ;)
Another resident for Rak city!
Best of luck on the build man, I'm curious to see how the flood infected version comes out too ;)
I'm still stuck between 2 options for the helmet design but either way it'll turn out great.
It's between H2A or the helmet from the Rulsluka armor kit(pointy boi). I think I'm leaning towards rulsluka though since I already have an H2A one,


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Small update!

Finished my arms and shins! I'm compromising a little, though, so I have at least most of this armor done by PFF. I'll be making a light variant(basically I don't have actual shoulders). I don't want to feel rushed making the shoulders since I believe they're one of the most important parts. I've got my chest plate printed but I haven't started any of the sanding process quite yet, and I'll be making my thighs outta foam, so who knows how long that'll take . For now I'll using the base rak shoulder module thingys and some attachments to make due, one shoulder will be some shotgun shells and the other will be a knife.
On the topic on shotguns though, what H3 shotgun model would y'all recommend?


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Alr, ended up printing my thighs, turned out much more comfortable than expected, and I put like 5 hours into it's paintjob just to accidentally over weather it... I hate myself.
On the bright side most the other foam parts are completed + my knees, only the butt plate is left and it's ready for PFF this weekend. I feel pretty happy with these!


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Just gonna drop this photo, best one I've got so far, I'ma see if I can get a professional one soon enough, but that needs money .


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