Rakshasa build

Yesterday was a surprisingly busy day for me, I was able to finish off the chest piece and get a tac pad made that I was happy with during some crafting chat time on the Discord! To those who popped in; it was fun and I look forward to more of those kinds of days!
This morning I wanted to keep that ball rolling, so I really tried to work towards getting the Doisca Kiss forearm modeled up as well!
I'm pretty happy with how these have all come out, they'll be great starters to get the suit kicked off, and I think I might as well keep modeling and try to get my whole suit modeled (helmet excluded of course) myself! This is turning into a bigger and bigger project to challenge all my skills and I'm honestly very excited for it!

I'll post updates again soon! Thanks all!
And today I was able to model and create attachment methods for the chest. I've made a molle system that will partially bolt into place on the chest so I can connect some Molle pouches!


I think the next modeling I do will be for more chest variations since I'm wanting to kind of kitbash a little and really make this my one off build. Then maybe I'll look into modelling the legs and arms components.... maybe
So I've been working on the helmet some this week too, giving myself a small break from computer modeling. And today I was able to get it 90% there. I've been really trying to figure out this character and what I want them to be, and as I've worked I've found more and more that I'm enjoying the ideas that have been shown in several concept art images. Typically these spartans I've seen have a ghillie suit type hood, or ensemble that breaks up the overall silhouette of the spartan and their armor. After testing the camo patterning on this helmet and trying to see my ideas in person, I'm very happy with how they're looking. It's unique, urban-esque, and I'm thinking it'll go well for most of the armor too. Time will tell.


Edit: This is also more for a note for myself when I go to paint the rest of the armor to match.
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What did you do to get the stippling on the visor?
That's a trick I learned in school! If you take super 77 adhesive spray and, instead of pressing the nozzle 100% to spray an even coat, depress it say 20% you get this spattering from the nozzle. That 20% spray works great for texturing things that need to look like coolers, rino coating, and in this case armored panels! Definitely need to let it gas off for at least a full 24 hours because it can affect your next layer of paint for sure otherwise
Last week I was out of town for Sundance film Festival in Park City Utah. It was fun, but honestly I just wanted to keep working on Rakshasa. So when I got home last night, I hopped right onto fusion and started playing around trying to build the shapes. They're not where I'd honestly love them to be, BUT I do kind of like the little differences mine are having so far. I even went ahead and fit the tactical case for the tac pad so that it would fit nice and tight to the thigh, with holes for actually bolting things together!

Thighs v1 1.JPGThighs v1.JPGThigh with case  v1.JPG
I'm going to probably remodel the thighs again, I'd like to clean them up more, and make them more true to the in game models, but like I said, I kind of like the inconsistencies and the little differences I have. Since this suit is going to be a little bit of a concept/kitbash build, I figure why not right?
Hopped into Armorsmith today just to start sizing up how it's looking thus far. Pretty happy! I definitely am having to adjust scale a bit to fit my Armorsmith homunculus, and I will definitely be double checking my measurements on myself to make sure that everything is current (Haven't updated my measurements since before covid so I'm sure a few inches will get added in) Plus some of the pieces I made a bit too round in fusion, but I'm able to scale them in armorsmith a little to make them look more appropriate (mainly the thighs, but also the grenade-shoulder base) I'll keep tweaking, modeling and updating as I go.
Getting there.JPG
Remodeled the shin, much happier with how this one turned out, still not perfect, but far better. Lofts make a huge difference. The knees were requested as I was modeling so I figured why not just add them in. I like them so maybe I'll add them to my build anyways.
Boots are next, I'm wanting to get some screen grabs of the bottom of the boots so I can model whatever tread there is. My hopes for the boots is to actually mold and cast them in a urethane rubber like Task-13 so that they actually have a little flex to them and can actually have a useful tread. My Reach spartan used EVA foam as the tread and I just painted 3-4 layers of plastidip on them. They were okay, but Angus314 and I had talked extensively about how we could mold and cast our boots to be a little easier to walk in.
Here is the initial sizing compared to an in game image. I'm not set to go just yet though, as I actually am remaking the chest piece, and still need to do a little work on the boots.
sizingv1.JPGSizing template.JPG
The new chest piece is not so flat on the edges, and follows the contours the in game chest piece has more and so I'm much happier with how it all looks. I've also updated the strapping mounts since the initial print had very thin walls for them and broke off while taking supports off, so obviously a fail regardless.

chest v2.JPGChestpiece.JPGv2 2.JPGv2 4.JPGv2 5.JPG

I think I still need to go back and do a few more changes, I don't like how the clips are situated on the bottom of the chest piece currently, and I'll need to most likely remake the abdomen plate since my geometry has changed and is a little more fitting to a realistic body. I'd like to get the indents for those clips closer to the previous design.

Boots have been made, as mentioned above, I'm pretty happy with the heel and the top plate, and have included strapping loops to run elastic through the model itself. The toe still needs a little more work, and I'd like to find a way to separate the toe and heel armor from the soles but still make the models interlocking somehow, because I'd like to cast the soles of the boots with a urethane rubber and the tops out of a harder plastic. BUT worst case scenario, I could make better draft angles and mold each piece out of urethane rubber. Idk but we'll see how things go.boot v1.JPG
After I fix the boot, and finalize the chest piece, I believe that will be all the hard armor components done! So once I get scaling corrected with the final models, I can start printing and working on soft components too! Very excited to have this suit made from scratch! (Even though I adore AguilarWorksop's beautiful armor files...) I do think more and more that I may try to make a similar shoulder base as to what he has designed. Very envious of that wonderful work and I may end up trying to mimic it in my own suit, though probably using m4 fasteners.... We'll see how I'm feeling once I've gotten into the thick of it.

Anyways, that's the big update for now, I'll try to post again soon as I start getting prints off the beds!
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Renders and initial scaling, I'm not 100% satisfied with the thighs, and the more I look at it, the more I'm wanting to make the bicep armor that mounts to the fabric undersuit and connects to the shoulder armors. Initially I thought I'd pass on making them, but now I think I should.
I've been a little AWOL on this lately, hoping to get back into it soon, but life and work have had me in a bit of a mess lately. Truck got graffitied, new jobs came in at work, and I've had other projects in the works as well. I only just finished my remake of a file I did before infinite came out.
So since I don't have progress on Rakshasa, I'll share the remake project here!
I wasn't happy with the way I left the sniper rifle previously, it worked for a quick prop for con, but now that the game has been out for a hot minute, I wanted to remake my files from the ground up and make things over all just look better.

Capture.JPG Render 1.png S7_Sniper_Remake_2023-Mar-04_07-14-56PM-000_CustomizedView39240180083.png S7_Sniper_Remake_2023-Mar-04_07-36-53PM-000_CustomizedView50499094811.pngS7_Sniper_Remake_2023-Mar-04_07-38-52PM-000_CustomizedView6631561039.pngS7_Sniper_Remake_2023-Mar-04_07-46-35PM-000_CustomizedView6465639909.png
So there is the update for now. I've released the files to my etsy for now, but I'm hoping to print this off in the near future and actually do some fun stuff for it!
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