Rakshasa build

Dude... DUDE! This looks absolutely amazing! Making mine look like a kindergartner's craft project with how perfect this is, I cannot wait to see the full suit up!
Hoping to do a test suit-up today in it see what I like and don't like, Still need a weathering pass and to sew/source a vest, but I'll update with pics and findings!
Wednesday I was able to do a quick photoshoot and walk around try on for my armor! Very happy with many things and the overall feel of the armor!

Few things I still need to do/correct/am wanting:

-Undershirt in photos was different from the final shirt I'll be wearing normally, Combat shirt and pants will make it look a little more 'uniform'
-Strapping was left long just to make sure it would all be adjustable in the end, so now I need to cut down and secure some of those loose ends
-Weathering!! I really would like to make him a mess, I want him looking like he's been slogging through the muddy fields of Zeta Halo!
-Visor; I'm 50/50 on it. I like the fact that you can see my eyes through it in some shots, but also, don't like it at the same time, so I may add some window tint vinyl to the inside, we'll see.
-Still have a few things I'd like to add, the concept art I was basing some of my ideas from has a bit of Ghillie netting hanging off the helmet and draping over the shoulders and back like a half-cape, so I'd like to add that at some point and see.
-Weapon! I used an old pistol we had laying around for these shots, but I've got SlenderDummy's Bandit DMR saved and printing as we speak! I think I'll paint it to match the armor patterning as well, keep it all in the same vein
-Scrapes and scratches/battle damage? I might add some scrapes and paint chips, relatively minimal, but it's in the back of my mind that he NEEDS some.
-Obviously still missing the vest underneath the chestpiece, hoping to work on that in the near future... maybe

As always, I'll update with whatever I do next!


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