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Hello! I am new here although I have lurked here for awhile. Me and my cousin are making a set of Spartan armor for the series x release. I have found amazing templates for most everything although I am stuck with the torso (and biceps). I would like to use the Mk. V/reach torso cannot find a base torso template anywhere. I’ve been looking for the past month with little to no results on PDO’s. I’ve learned blender a bit but I don’t know what I need to try to get it into pepakura, I’m still new. I’ve also seen 3D print models but I doubt they’d work the same. If anyone could point me in the right direction or If anyone has a reach/Mk.5 (b) torso I could snag or buy off you that would be amazing! Thank y’all so much, it’s much appreciated


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hoping that help since i have booked marked that one since im be doing halo reach as well.


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Thank you! I dug deep enough and found a Jorge torso that was still alive. But sadly all the bicep and regular torsos are gone from that thread from what I can tell. I got eager and tried all torsos that weren’t attachments


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Ill help yah. I got jorge torsos and bicep. hope these helps


  • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-grenadier-jorge-052-chest.JPG
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  • halo-reach-mjolnir-mkv-grenadier-shoulder-foam.JPG
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All of our Pepakura Templates can be found The Armory, as the edit to that Thread states.

Here is the Reach Section:

Here is the default Mark V Torso, included in a .Zip file with the rest of the Default Mark V armor components such as the biceps:

Jorge's Torso would be included with the Grenadier components.
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