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Reach UNSC Trooper WIP

Discussion in 'New Recruits' started by TD2253, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. xDark1ce

    xDark1ce New Member

    Hmm that seems to be promising, but i dont really like the pockets. theyll block the way :p the collar though i can transform w/ foam etc.
  2. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Or you can get an ACU pattern t-shirt, cut the pattern out and have someone sew it up for you. CLICK HERE for the $7.00 shirt link. I might do the same myself.


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  3. chrisrunner55

    chrisrunner55 Jr Member

    hey there Im making armor from your templates and I was wondering if you have the template for the two side pieces and the two small pieces under the main chest piece:


    Thanks I've been following your build and it looks amazing keep up the good work.

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  4. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Thanks man, got those files right here for you Chrisrunner. They are in letter format. Good luck with your build!



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  5. chrisrunner55

    chrisrunner55 Jr Member

    thanks man this very helpful
  6. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    No problem! Here is the complete list of templates I drew by hand. Most of the bigger templates were traced on several pieces of letter sized pages so I could scan them. Let me know if you guys have questions on how to assemble the parts together.


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  7. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Here are the rest, I couldn't fit them all in one post (limited to 15 images).


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  8. gingersnapples

    gingersnapples Well-Known Member

    thats alot of templates... any progress on the helmet?
  9. xDark1ce

    xDark1ce New Member

    wow its been a while since i've been here at 405th, wow i can't believe at the improvements you've made :D
  10. Gixxer

    Gixxer Jr Member

    my man .. u are my new hero of the year ...
  11. bigolaf

    bigolaf Jr Member

    Your Templates have proved invaluable! THANK YOU! perhaps i will grace you with a pic when i'm done with my armor! it may be a "Naval ODST", but your army plates will do it justice!

    EDIT: Here's the finished pic of the torso. [​IMG]
  12. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Thanks guys! Bigolaf, that turned out pretty good dude! Are you going to pep the jetpack?

    BTW, I decided to pep the helmet instead because I wanted it to be more accurate and plus, I am leaving town for two weeks and won't have enough time to mess with scratch built helmet before Comic Con 2011. The hardest part of pepping the helmet are the ears due to the concentric rings and the way they have to be put together. Here are some pics of the helmet so far.


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  13. Varsity

    Varsity Well-Known Member

    love the build. how are you making really fine lines in your foam, like with a razor or something?
  14. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Thanks man! First, the lines will be drawn in by ink then, I use a hot soldering iron guided by a metal ruler to make the fine lines. You can also use a woodburning iron with a flat chiseled tip.
  15. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    UPDATE: Thigh pieces - painted and illuminated with EL wire.


    Below is the EL wire that I bought from Glowire.com for $7 bucks each.

    Below is the EL wire all wound up to fill the space. Top pic it's turned off and bottom pic turned on.

    This is what I used to cover the EL wire which was .90 cents at Walmart. It was the closest thing to achieving the bluish glow from the game. This was cut in strips.

    Here is how the thigh piece looks with the cover piece. Top is turned off and bottom pic turned on.

    Here is a video clip on how it looks turned on. The first click is flashing mode then always on mode.

    Next on the agenda is to sew up some black webbing to attach the thigh pieces to the belt and thighs.

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  16. Gixxer

    Gixxer Jr Member

    woohoo .. love the thigh piece .. i was thinking to do the same thing but using ultra bright LED's instead. But ur el wire gave me an idea. i still have lots extra from my tron costume. those could be handy .. :D
  17. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Thanks Gixxer! The $7.00 EL wire should do the trick for me and it has enough glow to achieve the effect needed. In the meantime, here is how my helmet looks.


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  18. Vulgarmas

    Vulgarmas New Member

    truly amazing u blew my mind thank u
  19. thorn696


    Love the lighting. You're build is coming along nicely
  20. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Thanks Thorn!

    While I'm waiting for shipment of supplies, I started working on the basic trooper backpack also done in foam rubber mats which I heated to shape one area on the top.

    The backpack has two main parts. The cradle/basket part (bottom) and the backpack itself.

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  21. Gixxer

    Gixxer Jr Member

    awesome .. btw, can i know where u get your reference from ?
  22. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Thanks Gixxer! I actually get about 80% of my references from the figures themselves and the rest are screen caps from the game. But here are some pics that I saved from the game and from Bungie's renders that hopefully you can use.

    Halo_Reach_-_UNSC_Army_Infantryman_Standing.png Trooper_leader.jpg Screenshot-3.jpg

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  23. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Here is a short clip of me trying on my helmet after I finished painting and adding a light to it. I tried it on with part of the armor just to see how it looks. Still need to work on chin straps and helmet liner around the cheeks.

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  24. spartan005

    spartan005 Well-Known Member

    lookiing good man um your goin to con right? if so you know the meet up is saturday at 11am check out the 405th so cal on facebook for location...
  25. TD2253

    TD2253 Member

    Thanks dude! Yup! Will be there to meet up with everyone, got the location and time. BTW, thanks for the reminder.

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