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Ok the one thing everyone can agree on is that Building anything from halo is much easier if you have a good picture to look at. So I thought I would start a thread for us to start archiving good reference material. anytime you come across a good picture of MC or an Elite, or the halo 3 shotgun, ext.... Post it here. Have the ability to make screenshots? Those would be great, get some good detail shots and post them, you'd be helping everybody out.


No posts without pics.
No posts with bad img tags, double check your work
No random actions screen shots, make sure the picture shows off some details about the models
No hand drawn images, I know some people are artists but a mistake you make on paper, somone could recreate in armor
Don't just link to images blindly, if you use links without tumbs give a description.

If this post gets big enough I will come back and add a table of contents so people will be able to skip strait to the page that contains what they are looking for.

Thanks everybody who contributes.
Dude i dont mean to rain on your parade....its a good idea and everything but thats why we have a category in the gallery that says ''Reference Pictures''....
Havoc1336 said:
Whaaaa whaaaa whaaaaaaaaaaaaa(tuba sounds)..........................:oops:

haha sorry bud ....think of something else that could help out the site would be good for all of us ...good idea though too bad it was taken :( haha
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