Reference Thread: H3: ODST Undersuit and Soft Parts


ODST Boot Back.PNG
ODST Boot Front.PNG
ODST Boot Inside.PNG
ODST Boot Outside.PNG

Cod Piece:
ODST Codpiece Front Left.PNG
ODST Codpiece Front Right.PNG
ODST Codpiece Front.PNG

Shoulder Straps:
ODST Shoulder Strap Back Right.PNG
ODST Shoulder strap Front Left.PNG
ODST Shoulder Strap Front Right.PNG
ODST Shoulder Strap Left Top.PNG
ODST Shoulder Strap Right Top.PNG
ODST Undersuit Shoulder Front Right.PNG

ODST Undersuit Shoulders Back.PNG

ODST Undersuit Shoulser Front Left.PNG

ODST Undersuit Abdomen Back Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Abdomen Back Right.PNG
ODST Undersuit Abdomen Back.PNG
ODST Undersuit Abdomen Front Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Abdomen Front Right.PNG
ODST Undersuit Abdomen Front.PNG
ODST Undersuit Abdomen Side Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Abdomen Side Right.PNG
ODST Undersuit Back Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Ribs Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Ribs Right.PNG

ODST Undersuit Vest and Belt Side Left.PNG

Undersuit Waistband:
ODST Undersuit Belt Buckle.PNG
ODST Undersuit Belt Side Left Close.PNG

ODST Undersuit Bicep Left Back.PNG
ODST Undersuit Bicep Left Front.PNG
ODST Undersuit Bicep Left Under.PNG
ODST Undersuit Bicep Right Back.PNG
ODST Undersuit Bicep Right Front.PNG
ODST Undersuit Bicep Right Under.PNG
ODST Undersuit Shoulder Back Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Shoulder Back Right.PNG

Undersuit Cod Piece:
ODST Undersuit Cod Front Lower.PNG
ODST Undersuit Cod Front.PNG
ODST Undersuit Cod Rear.PNG
ODST Undersuit Cod Side Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Cod Side Right.PNG

ODST Undersuit Colar Front.PNG
ODST Undersuit Collar Back.PNG
ODST Undersuit Collar Side Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Collar Side Right.PNG

ODST Undersuit Neck Front Left.PNG
ODST Undersuit Neck Front Right.PNG

ODST Undersuit Knee Outside.PNG
ODST Undersuit Knees Back.PNG

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CrimsonViper97 is it possible to get a closer look at the hardware at the bridge/instep of the boot with the three straps holding the toe and heel plates in place? It looks like there's a rivet or a snap fastener on the inside but that outside buckle is interesting and I've never noticed it before.


While getting those pictures of the bood buckle I discovered that the same asset appears to have been used in three different places throughout the suit. I'll start with the boot buckle:
ODST Boot Outside Buckle Detail.PNG
ODST Boot Outside Buckle Detail Close Up.PNG

Now lets take a look at the hip:
ODST Hip Detail Close Up.PNG

And finally the abdominal area of the undersuit:
ODST Undersuit Abdomen Buckles.PNG

ODST Undersuit Abdomen Buckle Close.PNG

It looks to me like they just scaled the same asset. I have, coincidentally, already modeled this particular piece as it appears on the hip and it can be found here: ODST Hip Hardware STLs

I'm in the process of patterning the undersuit, so I will no doubt create resized and slightly modified versions for it's various application.
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