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Discussion in 'Southwest Regiment' started by Walter Spase, Aug 22, 2014.

  1. FANGS

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    The Mantel does set out the information as MyrHerder has stated but rest assured that we will be working with all of our Reg staff members to come up with the method for implementing shortly.
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  2. MyrHerder


    I misread, thought you were asking about being accepted into the 405th, not into a specific reg. sorry.

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  3. SoloHellsing


    You can add me to the Arizona list as well. Nice to meet all of you.
  4. Lord Talon

    Lord Talon

    Lord Talon...Spartan 425, Commander of Team Lone Star reporting for duty! Home Base:Cleburne, Texas.
  5. eiros

    eiros 405th Regiment Officer

    Hello all Eiros Gunny Reaper reporting in from New Mexico.
  6. combinestrider


    Hey hey another one from Arizona

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