Roll Call Southwest Regiment Introduction


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I'm from Peoria, Arizona, and would love to be added to the Southwest Regiment list as well:)

Thank you in advance!:D


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Walter Spase FANGS

As RMO, I was wondering if this thread is still being updated or whether or not I might have the permissions to edit it.
I can always make up a new list of our members!
I just thought that as RMO, it was my duty to keep track of everyone and accept those into the regiment that are in the Southwest but not yet recognized.
I am curious as to what the current process is for applying/being accepted into a regiment.

Also, welcome KayPickle!
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The Mantle (linked on top of the home page) defines membership levels and requirements. Worth a read.

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The Mantel does set out the information as MyrHerder has stated but rest assured that we will be working with all of our Reg staff members to come up with the method for implementing shortly.
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I misread, thought you were asking about being accepted into the 405th, not into a specific reg. sorry.

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Hello all Eiros Gunny Reaper reporting in from New Mexico.