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  1. SidneyM2109


    Name: Sidney M. Spartan A074
    Location: Atlanta area, woo!
    Occupation: Full Time Plumbing at The Home Depot
    About Me: Love to craft, making things, being creative, and playing xbox.
    Fav. Cons: I just went to Dragon*Con this past year and met a few of the 405th, and I will most definitely return until I can't!
  2. JD of Asgard

    JD of Asgard

    Name: JD!
    Location: Fort Lee/Richmond VA.
    Occupation: Army Medic
    About Me: Sketching, playing xbox, crafting things, playing with my dog
    Fav. Cons: Dragon*Con is always going to be number one in my heart. I go to a few small ones around here every now and then but nothing compares.
  3. Drakesoldier


    Name - Kaitlyn M. I mostly answer to the nickname Drake though.

    Age - 19

    Where your located - Pensacola, FL

    Occupations - Full time college student/Retail worker

    About you - I started to mess with armor and prop making around 2012 but only recently started getting more experience in crafting both foam and resin pieces. Besides from armor making, I'm an avid video gamer that plays mostly fps such as Destiny and Halo as well as an artist. I do enjoy the Red vs Blue series amongst other series RoosterTeeth has produced.

    Favorite Conventions - RTX in Austin, TX and Dragoncon in Atlanta, GA are my two favorites and plan to go to for years to come
  4. Masterchief0624


    This is shaping up nicely :) thank you everyone that posted their intro.

    Lets see some more! :cool

    Carry on.
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  5. ShadowTrooper


    Name: Seth Gage
    Age 18
    Location: Clermont FL
    Occupation: Full time College student
    About me: Been a halo fan for years now, and after stumbling across this site I wanted to build my own Halo Armor like many others have done. Still new to everything so hopefully all goes well.

    Cons: I've never been to one considering I don't know anyone who goes to them, but maybe one day I will.
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  6. Sumofl


    Name: Austin McGinnis
    Location: St. Petersburg, FL
    Occupation: Westerfield Studios
    About me: I've been interested in Halo and making props and armor for it ever since I first saw my character dead on the ground. I recently started learning how to make them from Robert Westerfield in his shop where he's been making all manor of prop for a long time. There are old projects laying around to be finished and new ones ahead one we get our 3-D printer, and I'm looking forward to posting them here on the 405th.

    Cons: Metrocon was my first convention, and is one of my favorites. Shadocon, and Nerd Fest over on the space coast.
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  7. Guard1an


    well damn I guess my post never made it here lol

    Name Michael/GUARD1AN
    Where your located Jacksonville, fl
    Occupation: US NAVY Aviation Structural Mechanic
    About me: I love most all things sci-fi, real science, mechanical anything ( the more intricate the better), WW2 area anything, CARS !!!!! and of course video games, pep, designing and building cool sci-fi armor and props
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you) Never been yet hopefully soon once i finish getting my car done, and moving and finishing my armor etc lol
  8. Redshirt


    Name: Marc/Red Shirt 98
    Age: 40s
    Where your located: Gulf Breeze, FL
    Occupations: Air Force Officer

    Science fiction, military history, and automotive. I've just finished an outstanding classic car rebuild project and looking forward to drive time. I'm a long time airsofter with quite a few custom projects under my belt before I took up making Halo airsoft guns. I have a magnum and AR project in the works.

    Favorite Conventions: PENSACON (local and surprisingly strong for a small city)

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  9. Blade AK

    Blade AK

    Name: Dalman (FaceBook) // Blade (Callsign) // ScooterAK022 (XBox Live)
    Age: 33
    Location: Central Georgia, Moving to Alabama
    Occupations: Military
    About you: Proud nerd and outdoorsman. Bungie player since Marathon. Turning my scale model skills toward props and costumes. Full up Sean Bradley ODST + M6C SOCOM. I have plans for a perfect prop (my first molding/casting experience) and a number of Bungie-based costumes beyond Halo. Fingers crossed I can finish one before DragonCon with a deployment in the way...
    Favorite Conventions: DragonCon, KingCon, MGACon
  10. DoctorCardwell


    Name: Cory(First name)/ Kristoff (nickname)/ DoctorCardwell(Xbox live)
    Age: 18
    Where your located: From Milton, Florida but I'm attending the University of Alabama as a Freshman.
    Occupations: Student
    About you: I am a freshman at UA who loves miyazaki films, power rangers, Halo and Titanfall. I plan to be a mechanical engineer and use that someway after college(lol at the job market). I have been a forum lurker since 2011 when I started my first helmet but it was too small. I have alot more freetime now so I hope to create a full suit before I graduate(4 years, i think ill be done by then).
    Favorite Conventions: I have never been but the closest one to me is the one in birmingham so I will be attending it this year.
  11. itsthatguy


    Name: Josh (aka Wheels)
    Age: 23
    Where your located: Florida
    Occupations: Student
    About me: Started cosplaying in 2012 and got into armorcrafting in 2013. Currently a full time student so that takes priority but slowly been getting my projects that I've started worked on. Still relatively new to this so looking forward to learning more and improving.
    Favorite Conventions: So far I've been pretty local, mostly in the Panhandle, though did get to go to Dragoncon last year.
  12. crimsonsun1996


    Name: Chris Hussey
    location: Covington Georgia
    about me: big into music and videogames. natural born grease monkey. the people here are amazing and helpful.
  13. ODST Ghost

    ODST Ghost

    Name: Richard N. Clark
    Location: Brandon, FL
    Occupation: automotive mechanic
    About me: Currently working on my ODST build, I have really good skills in EVA foam armor making and cant wait to make more builds. I just recently became a mechanic at my job but I know a lot about robotics and frame work. Planning on joining the Air Force soon as a aircraft mechanic or EOD. I can do really good paint jobs for armor, I try to put as much work in my armor builds as I can. I only go to to Metrocon because Idk how the other conventions are but hopefully soon I can go to others. But I'm glad to be here and be part of the Southern regiment
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  14. KitKatGoose


    Name: Kaitlin Sierra/Kitkat
    Age: 17
    Location: just south of Atlanta
    Occupation: currently finishing up high school and then would love to do commisions
    About me: I do freehanding foam work usually. I've been working super slowly on my Reach armor for a few years, but its finally almost done! Then I have to start on one for my friend. I love to help crafters with whatever I can, I understand how hard foam can be to grasp sometimes, and Im still learning a ton from it every time I sit down with it. I hope to have two reach suits completed by September 2015
    Cons: currently I attend Dragon Con, MomoCon, and Anime Weekend Atlanta
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  15. Genobreaker19


    Name: James M. (Geno)
    Where your located: Woodford, VA
    Occupations: full time Mechanic, part time student
    About you: I have 3 suits in the works. I have a season 6 RvB Meta suit only a week away from being finished if i could work on it. also have 2 Halo Reach suits in the works. Had to start over on those because people don't know how to drive, so they won't be done for a while now. I've existed in the 405th for a while, I just don't post much, rather just look at other work and admire. Once I get some of my projects finished, I'll finally start a halo 4 suit, and maybe learn how to make it out of foam.
    Favorite Conventions: never been to one, hopefully that will change soon.
  16. Asgardianhammer

    Asgardianhammer Identity Officer Division Staff 405th Regiment Officer

    Hey BladeAK please check the private thread within the southern regiment regarding Alabamians. Hope your pending move to alabama goes very smoothly.
  17. BlacRoseImmortal


    Man it's good to be back, been MIA since 2010. Got my life back on track and i'm starting where I left off with my armoring. My life kinda stopped after DragonCon2009 so people that knew me back then know what I have in my arsenal.

    Vrogy's H3 Marine vac armor (Im working on a H3 Marine helmet), My MKVI is just a completed torso, BlueRealm helmet, hand plates, a single boot, and a WIP butt plate. My weapons consist of my H2/H3 Hybrid Sniper Riffle, Magnum, Smick6's Brute Spiker, 2 Plasma Pistols, I'm saving up for an AR raw kit, I HAD a Plasma Rifle but that got demolished at DCon09................ I hope to have my MKVI finished for this years Dcon but that probably wont happen, I'll deffinately have my Marine armor ready to go though!

    Name: Most know me as BlacRose, BRI, or Kelly
    Age: 26
    Where your located: Florida Keys
    Occupations: Juggling 3 jobs currently...
    About you: I can write a freaking novel at this point.
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you): DragonCon, Megacon
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  18. cyberdemon35


    Name Wade Robinson, or just cyber
    Age 16
    Where your located Sneads FL
    Occupations Bonsai farmer
    About you. I like anime, videogames, and all junk food.
    Favorite Conventions I have only been to one, ALT*CON in Tallahassee.
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  19. lordhood32


    Name: Ryan, Whiskey. Nuke, Echo
    Age: 22
    Where your located: Tennessee
    Occupations: Blacksmith
    About you. I am a self taught blacksmith who enjoys playing video games and bring back the old crafts,
    Favorite Conventions Comic con, Rene fairs
  20. Bea873


    Name: Bea
    Age: 18
    Where your located: Evans, Ga
    Occupations: Highschool
    About you: Not too talkative around new people, but I quickly open up. I don't have a job. ( Lazy...sadly ) I play PC games more than anything. Hope to be working on some spartain armor as soon as I can order all the supplies. Usually on skype so that's the easiest way to contact me. ( beatrix.debryan ) I hope we can get along.
    Favorite Conventions: Have yet to go to a con. ( No one is really supportive of any hobby's I have ) Hopefully I'll be able to go to Anime weekend Atlanta along with momocon this year :)

    -Bea Out
  21. Masterchief0624


    I wanted to say welcome to all the new members that have joined us, we're happy/lucky in having you :)

    please make yourself familiar with our regiment and post up your armor, questions, ideas, anything that could make us stronger as a whole.
  22. MorganWolfblood


    Name: Morgan Wolfblood (Oscar)
    Age: 24
    Location: Haines City
    Occupations: Office Manager and amateur photographer
    Bio: Creativity and creation has always been at the core of everything I do. For the past 6 years I have visited conventions, photographing the works of cosplayers and admired their skills. I finally am seeing myself with the resources and determination to join the ranks of cosplayers. And I chose to do so with one of my passions, Halo.
    Favorite Conventions: Megacon, Metrocon, and I hope to visit Dragoncon
  23. dragoncrazed


    Name: Brittany Clendening
    Age: 22
    Where you're located: Jacksonville, Gainesville, and Pensacola FL (I move around between these three cities often)
    Occupations: Full time student/Chemical engineering intern
    About you: I'm studying chemical engineering at the University of Florida. I'm very active in AIChE and try to spend as much free time as I can working on my Halo armor. I'm working on a Mark 6 right now just to get my boots wet. I play a lot of video games including halo and destiny.
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you): I go every year to MegaCon and am hoping to get to DragonCon later this year.
  24. Lonnolan


    Name(if you have a nickname or call tag) James Conason
    Where your located Gulfport, Mississippi
    Occupations Landlord
    About you. Been interested in doing costuming for years, though have no personal skill at making the armor or props. Love going to cons and gaming. Have a set of armor of Church from Season1 of RvB and his sniper rifle that I have just begun taking to conventions
    Favorite Conventions (where we can most likely meet up with you) RTX, Coastcon, Geekonomicon, Mobicon, Mechacon, New Orleans Comic Con, and multiple others.
  25. Evolver79


    Name: Alex Roberts
    Age: 35
    Location: Newnan, Ga (South of Atlanta)
    About me: I've been a member of the Georgia Garrison of the 501st Legion for 5 years. My wife was awesome & bought me an Xbox one for Xmas, so I bought The Master Chief Collection. This is my first experience w/ Halo and am really enjoying it! I am starting to look into building a Master Chief and am in the research phase. I am very comfortable working w/ ABS or HIPS, but never used foam. So I'm looking to see what options are out there. I just finished my animated Republic Commando Gregor, so the mrs wants me to take a little break...... but not a long one. ;) Here's a pic of my latest build: gregor.jpg I also have an ANH Stormtrooper & 181st TIE Pilot.
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