San Diego HALO Fan Film !!!

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We are going out to the desert to do a teaser in a couple months. We are going to re create the desert halo commercial with the alien crossing sign and all that.


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Well i decided i want grunts running around in the shadows, so that will be fairly easy no real on camera. maybe one dead one. I really want that guy with the elite costume from comicon 05 to be in it but i just cant contact him.

He too would be in the shadow but we would actually see him at one point. It would also be cool to see a hunter as the final boss so to speak but i dont think we will get him. Im sure we wont.

But marines will be in abundance.

Im going to start on a helmet and maybe even do a simple master chief armour. the right paint and it will look nice on camera.

Sean Bradley

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If you want to get in contact with Matt Asanuma, he and his sister Mariann are both model builders for Legoland California. If you contact them or their website. I'm sure they'll get you in contact with ther Asanumas, they are often featured as 'Brick Star Builders" so I assume that they're really proud of them. They're a very talented family.

Plus they're all based in San Diego... so yeah you can find 'em!

Check these profiles and news stories for contacts... I'm sure you'll find someone who can get you in contact.

As far as I know Matt Asanuma is the only person who has made a seriously believable Elite costume. Matt and his brother Mike are responsible for many of the best costumes that come out of San Diego comicon. So, yeah, I think it'll be worth it to get ahold of him for your project.


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Well set design has commenced. I will post pictures as soon as possible. Its pretty amazing we are going to use one halway and manipulate it with panels to make it look like diffrent halls and corridors.

We are also building a transformable set to go between a medical bay, bridge, and hangar bay.

Its gonna be sweet. Time to get the credit card out.



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Alittle update:

As you have probably seen Eternal is hard at work with the Pillar of Autumn model which looks to be comming together greatly.

Sean has sold us a helmet which will be finished and fitted very soon to our Master Chief actor. He is 6'2'' and average so we are gonna do some costuming on him to get the right look. He has the voice dead on though. We might get someone else someone bigger, but hes alright so the costume may look great we will have to see.

That brings me to this. We still need a full armour suit. Link is looking around for some old costume parts that could still look pretty good with some work. We want the upper parts to be pretty good. But the leg armour should be able to be replaced in case his kneeling or running destrroys it. So cardboard could work.

We are going to film in mid to late may as of right now. We are building a transformable set to turn it into a bridge, medical bay, and hangar bay. Our studio has a very large green wall and we have rolls of green screen. We plan on doing alot of painting fillers for the green screen. In other words whenyou walk into the hanger bay there will be a large green screen. But in the final product it will be filled digitally with a painting. Should look great.

With that we plan to film two hangar scenes one in studio and one outdoors where we have these tall brick pillars. THose will be covered with grey covering to make it all look like steel. Also we are going to build about 1/8 of a covenant ship for a quicky exit scene by our Elite. (When we get him. Matt is not east to get a hold of.)

We are also going to get a plasma sword from Sean soon. Dont worry ill let you know in due time to get it going.

Today im going to take some working pics of the locations we will build our sets onto. I have posted locally on craigslist for an arrtist to do some rendetions of the sets i want. No real responces yet. They are all poorly done resumes.

So thats about it for now. More to come. The first draft of the script is done. I might send some of the elite memebers a few snipits if they wanted to read and give some feedback. Let me know PM me or something.

Thanks to all that are activily participating in this project you will all get full credit and a copy of the final movie. There might even be more involved later. Thanks again.



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i do have some parts that needs alot of work chest, back, some shines, claves the thights i can do in casting foam along with the cod and butt armor


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Set update these are pics of what will be transformed into the Pillar of Autumn. It will also served as the sound stage for the space scenes.

All corridors


Hangar bay



Sound Stage
Bridge / Space scenes / Medical Bay / Various Scenes
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