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I don't hear this talked about much, unless it's a groan about having to do it.

But i was curious, what methods you crafters use to sand down your fiberglass resin to make the armor smooth?

I saw in a tutorial that someone recommended the Mouse hand sander by Black and Decker. I told my fiancee that I was going to want a hand sander soon and she had conveniently bought me this one while she was out shopping a week or two prior. Talk about strange coincedence eh?
Yeah, the mouse sander is preferable. I have one, and used it quite a bit on my armor. I also use a Dremel rotary tool with the Flexshaft attachment for detail work.

Hand sanding in just as good if you want total control.

I reccomend to use the Mouse for the rough stuff 60, 80, 120 grit. Hand sand for anything finer than that.
Yeah, I mentioned that I wanted the dremmel with the hand-held attatchment too, but haven't gotten that one yet.

Thanks for the advice. :)
For the purest finish I found, I took up using something called sanding sponges. They are sold at wal mart in 2 or 4 packs, and for final smoothing before you paint they are perfect. They also help you to take a minimum off at one time, and avoid pressure point scarring from your fingers (deeper sanding in certain spots over others).

They are a couple of bucks and about 1/2 inch thick. they can also be used for scuff sanding clear coat if your into a shiny spartan costume. I did my vader with it, and thats a seriously glossy costume.
For the purest finish I found, I took up using something called sanding sponges.

2nd that. Those sanding sponges are really nice for contours, and the finer grits will even polish plexiglass, if needed.
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