Sarah Palmer Armor male build?

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Hello, I have been finding lots of files of Sarah Palmer's scout armor and I love the look for it but my general question was does the chest piece look too feminine for a male to wear? I think there is extruded parts for the breasts but I didn't know if it would work well on a man. (Photo from Art Andrews'

Halo 4 - MJOLNIR GEN2 - Scout - Sarah Palmer 1.1)


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If you’re trying to make female-esque armor look more manly you can scale up the shoulders a bit or pad them so they’re broader. I don’t think palmers armor looks inherently feminine though.


My question would be; aren't all of the armor sets from Halo Reach onward interchangeable between genders?(or at least have their own files dedicated to each) I could 100% be wrong but I don't think Sarah Palmer's armor pieces are unique to that character, it's not like a Master Chief situation where alot of his armor was available in multiplayer but it was modified for the pvp player models. So if you can find the same chest piece meant for males and you think it would fit better, go for it.
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